MS in Taxation

MS in Taxation

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The Master of Science in Taxation provides the conceptual understanding and technical competence for a career in taxation. Employment opportunities include the tax departments of CPA and law firms, as well as corporations and government tax agencies. For those already employed in the field, the MS in Taxation should meet the continuing education requirements of professional associations and licensing boards.

The curriculum is designed for students with an undergraduate degree in business administration with a concentration in accounting. Students with a Bachelors degree in a field other than business administration may be required to take additional preparatory courses in Financial Accounting, Microeconomic Perspective for Mangers, Managerial Finance, and Management of Information in the Corporate Environment.

Required Tax Course (9 units)
ACCT 470 Tax Research, Practice and Procedures (3)
ACCT 572 Seminar in Taxation of Corporations and Shareholders (3)
ACCT 578 Seminar in Taxation of Partnerships (3)

Electives in Taxation and Related Fields (9 units)
Three courses (3 units) to be selected in consultation with, and approved by, the M.S. in Taxation Graduate Advisor.

Available electives include, but are not limited to:
ACCT 508 Seminar in Tax Planning (3)
ACCT 573 Seminar in Taxation of Property Transactions (3)
ACCT 574 Seminar in Taxation of International
Business Operations (3)
ACCT 575 Seminar in Estate, Gift, Inheritance Taxes and
Estate Planning (3)
ACCT 576 Seminar in State and Local Taxation (3)
ACCT 577 Seminar in Taxation of Employee Compensation (3)
ACCT 580 Seminar in Taxation of S-Corporations (3)

Other Electives (9 units) to be selected in consultation with and approved by the M.S. in Taxation Graduate Advisor

One course (3 units) in either economics or political science.

Recommended courses are:
ECON 521 Macroeconomic Perspective for Managers
POLSC 519 State and Local Government (3)
POLSC 528 Seminar in Public Administration & Policy (3)

Two courses (6 units) in either business or non-business fields.

Terminal Evaluation (3 units)
ACCT 597 Capstone Project (3)

Additional Requirements

During their first year in the program students must demonstrate proficiency in calculus and software applications. The courses below or equivalent coursework must be completed with grades of at least a "C" (2.0).

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