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Linda Fraser specializes in the teaching of accounting communication, business writing, and critical thinking. She has received six awards from the University for her teaching and service. Currently, she serves on the WASC Writing Task Force and the MCBE Undergraduate Programs Committee. Dr. Fraser’s research interests include assessment theory and methods, accounting communication, and the intertextuality of the visual arts and writing.

Dr. Fraser’s experience includes employment by global, high-tech companies.

Dr. Fraser has presented papers at conferences of the Association for Business Communication, the California Joyce Conference, the Pacific Ancient and Modern Language Association, the American Literature Association, and the CSUF Assessment Conference.

Top-Tier Publications:

Sharifi, M., McCombs, G. B., Fraser, L. L., McCabe, R. (2009). Structuring a competency-based accounting communication      course at the graduate level. Business Communication Quarterly, 72(2), 177-198.

This article represents the efforts of faculty from multiple universities to develop a graduate-level course in accounting communication that offers both competency assessment and service learning.

Fraser, L. L., Harich, K. R., Norby, J. M., Brzovic, K., Rizkallah, T., & Loewy, D. (2005). Diagnostic and value-added      assessment of business writing. Business Communication Quarterly, 68(3), 290-305.

This article explains in depth how a multi-tiered programmatic assessment of business writing was developed, designed, implemented, and evaluated. An overview of this assessment process was published by AACSB as a best practice. (See the publication listing below.)

Fraser, L. L.(1999). Technologies of reproduction: The maternity ward in Sylvia Plath's Three Women and Igmar Bergman's Brink of      Life. Women's Studies, 28(6), 547-574.

This article argues that Plath rewrites Bergman’s cinema to inquire into women’s experience of the 1950s maternity ward and to elucidate the power dynamics of that space.

AACSB Publication:

Harich, K., Fraser, L., & Norby, J. (2005). Taking the time to do it right: A comprehensive, value-added approach for assessing      writing skills. In K. Martell & T. Calderon (Eds.), Assessment of student learning in business schools: Best practices each step      of the way: Vol. 1, No. 2. (pp. 119-137). Tallahassee, FL: The Association for Institutional Research and AACSB International.

This chapter demonstrates how a multi-tiered assessment of business writing was integrated as part of a matrix of programmatic assessment across the curriculum.


Ph.D., University of California, Riverside

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