A diverse group of student employees at Cal State Fullerton's Titan Shops pose amidst the Titan-themed clothing on sale at the store.

Titan Shops is among the diverse employment options on campus for Cal State Fullerton students.

From business writing to Starbucks baristas, there are plenty of employment opportunities for students at Cal State Fullerton. Here are the basics on getting a job on campus.

Looking for a summer job or a position to last through next academic year? Don’t overlook working on campus – there are hundreds of paid positions open to students, providing work experience, paychecks and networking opportunities in a convenient location and a schedule that works around your classes.

Student Assistant Positions

Student assistants work directly for the university. They prepare social media campaigns, answer the phones, do clerical work and often act as the representatives of the university to incoming students and their families.

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Amr Soror, Assistant ISDS professor at Cal State Fullerton's Mihaylo College, is researching the impact of modern technologies on society.

Mihaylo Assistant ISDS Professor Amr Soror is attempting to understand how self-regulation impacts IT, such as addictive smartphone usage.

Joining the Mihaylo ISDS faculty in fall 2015, Assistant ISDS Professor Amr Soror is lead author of the study, “Good Habits Gone Bad: Explaining Negative Consequences Associated with the Use of Mobile Phones from a Dual-Systems Perspective,” examining mobile phone addiction.

Smartphones have become a staple of modern life. As of November 2015, 68% of Americans owned one or more Web-based mobile phones, up from only 35% four years ago. Mobile web browsing is rapidly replacing personal computers and laptops as the primary internet-enabled device.

Along with the benefits of increased communication in real-time, the ever-present smartphone carries the risk of misuse. Cellphone use is a factor in a fourth of car crashes in the U.S. and millions of students and employees have difficulty putting their phones away for academic or professional tasks.

Mihaylo Assistant ISDS Professor Amr Soror examined the behaviors behind the addictive and negative use of mobile phone technology in his 2015 co-authored study, “Good Habits Gone Bad: Explaining Negative Consequences Associated with the Use of Mobile Phones from a Dual-Systems Perspective,” which appeared in the Information Systems Journal, one of the top six information systems publications.

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An icebreaker and a sailing ship traverse the icy waters of the Arctic Ocean.

An icebreaker traverses the Arctic Ocean, which is becoming a major shipping route due to increasing ice melt. Image from Pixabay.

As Southern California bakes under the relentless ridges of high pressure responsible for the state’s crippling five-year drought, the chilly Arctic feels like worlds away. Yet what was once considered wasteland of the Far North shows potential to become one of the world’s richest emerging economies if the natural resources in the region are developed.

For hundreds of years, explorers searched in vain for the Northwest Passage – the fabled waterway that would traverse North America, connecting the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans at northern latitudes. With the advent of modern technology, adventure-seekers abandoned their search for the apparently non-existent passage by the dawn of the 20th century. Yet much more recently, the Northwest Passage has begun to open up in the Arctic Ocean, due to the melting of the polar ice cap. It’s just one of the wonders of one of the world’s last untapped economic miracles – the vast but increasingly accessible Far North.

Melting Ice and Emerging Treasures

Underneath the ice sheets that have historically hidden the Arctic Ocean lie vast underground troves of oil and natural gas. Vocativ, a technology company that mines the deep Web to reveal content unavailable through a simple Google search, reported in 2014 that these resources are worth an estimated $17.2 trillion, which is larger than the GDP of the United States.

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The exterior of a Panda Express location, one of thousands around the world.

In addition to hundreds of U.S. locations, including one on campus at the Titan Student Union, Panda Express currently has locations in Mexico, Puerto Rico, Canada, Guam, South Korea, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. There are plans to expand further into these markets and open in India and Guatemala later this year.

With close to 1,900 restaurants domestically and globally, the Panda Restaurant Group, parent company of Panda Express, is seeking to expand globally while maintaining its commitment to charitable giving and empowering its associates. Executive Director of Panda Express International Douglas Stalgren and Senior Finance Manager Rachel Bai ’03 (MBA) talked Panda culture and company expansion at Mihaylo College on April 8.

When Andrew Cherng and his father Ming-Tsai founded the first Panda Inn Restaurant in Pasadena, Calif., in 1973, they would have never imagined the global growth of their restaurant brand. Andrew’s wife, Dr. Peggy Cherng, joined the company in 1983 to help systematize operations and overall business strategy. She and Andrew are currently co-chairs and co-CEOS of the company.

“For the first two and a half years, this company was not profitable,” said Rachel Bai ’03 (MBA), senior finance manager for Panda Restaurant Group, the largest Asian restaurant chain in the U.S. “By the end of this year, we’ll have more than 1,900 stores worldwide.”

Bai and Douglas Stalgren, executive director of Panda Express International, which spearheads the company’s global expansion, provided Mihaylo students with an inside look at their corporate culture and plans during an on-campus presentation on April 8.

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Poster for Centerchella, which connects Mihaylo College students with opportunities through the Centers of Excellence.

It’s all the rage – Centerchella is coming to campus on April 20. The event, which takes place in the Mihaylo Courtyard, will inform students of the opportunities offered by Mihaylo College’s Centers of Excellence.

It’s a riff off the miniature version of the annual music and arts festival at Indio’s Empire Polo Club, but with an academic twist. Students will enjoy free pizza, refreshments and music while exploring internship, career development and networking opportunities offered by seven of Mihaylo College’s student-based centers of excellence.

The free April 20 event, open to all Cal State Fullerton students, will be held at the Mihaylo Courtyard from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Centers represented include the Entertainment & Tourism Management Center, Center for Entrepreneurship, Center for Insurance Studies, Center for International Business, Center for Leadership, Sales Leadership Center and the Small Business Development Center (SBDC).

“CSUF students are intelligent and innovative people who are eager to create the next great business or movement, and all of our activities are aligned to help make that happen,” says Travis Lindsay, coordinator for Mihaylo’s Center for Entrepreneurship. “We look forward to starting CSUF students on their entrepreneurial journeys at the upcoming Centerchella event.”

The weather is not forecast to be as hot as it is out in the Coachella Valley, but it should still be warm – expect daytime temperatures in the mid-80s under sunny skies.

Mihaylo College grad Michael Willis and other volunteers at a home renovation project in La Habra, California.

Serve the Way (Sway) members volunteer with Habitat for Humanity Orange County in La Habra. Founded by entertainment and tourism management alumnus Michael Willis ’15 (third from left), the organization connects volunteers with charitable organizations.

From fishing rod business to mail-sorting company, Mihaylo alumni are busy developing innovative business concepts throughout Southern California and beyond.

Imagine a company that enables individual and corporate customers to manage their snail mail from their computers. Or a nonprofit that connects volunteers with opportunities to do good in the community. These are just some of the business models developed by Mihaylo alumni.

Following are 10 alumni-owned enterprises making an impact in Southern California and beyond.

Alpha Greek Apparel

With fraternities and sororities at colleges and universities nationwide requiring specialized apparel, management and entrepreneurship alumnus Jason Liu ’13 recognized a business opportunity. His company, Alpha Greek Apparel, founded in 2013, now provides custom Greek-themed clothing at locations in Fountain Valley and Irvine. “Do something that you are passionate about and love doing,” he says. “During peak season, I sometimes spend 10 to 12 hours per day at the shop and work through Saturdays and Sundays. But I do not even feel like I am at work. I feel at home when I am at the shop, because I truly enjoy what I am doing.” Read more.

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A diverse group of Cal State Fullerton students walking across campus on a sunny day.

With more than 8,500 students, Mihaylo College is one of the largest and most diverse business schools in the nation. Faculty and staff hope to better understand the needs and concerns of students through the new advisory board.

Mihaylo College’s new Student Advisory Board will give business students the opportunity to influence college policy and obtain leadership experience.

Would you like to help create a college that better serves its students? Student Advisory Board members will collaborate with staff and business leaders to support a college experience that prepares today’s business students for the contemporary economy

Megan Martinez, Mihaylo Career Development Advisor, hopes that the Student Advisory Board at Cal State Fullerton's Mihaylo College will help the college better serve its students.

Mihaylo Career Development Advisor Megan Martinez hopes the Student Advisory Board will help administrators better understand student perspectives when making decisions for the college.

“It is difficult to get students’ opinions on the decisions that we as administrators make every day,” says Mihaylo Career Development Advisor Megan Martinez ’13 (sociology). “We want the advisory board to be a diverse cross-section of the college, serving as a sounding board for decisions we have to make.”

Debuting next academic year, the board will consist of 12 to 15 business students, who are eligible to participate regardless of class level or units enrolled. Members will serve for one academic year and will be able to apply for subsequent terms.

Student board members will attend three meetings per semester and provide honest opinions on a variety of issues selected to better inform the college’s administration on student perspectives. Topics for discussion may include college operating hours, academic and vocational support programs and diversity issues.

Board members will have the opportunity to meet Dean Anil Puri and obtain a certificate of recognition from the college.

“This is one of the easiest ways to get involved, even if you have limited time,” says Martinez. “Not only will students have the chance to speak with high-level administrators, but they will also have opportunities to gain leadership skills, improve their résumés and make a difference in their college.”

To obtain an application, email mihaylosab@fullerton.edu. Students are encouraged to apply early as they will get first priority for interviews before the end of the semester. Applicants will complete an in-person interview with a member of the Student Success Team, which includes representatives of the various student programs.

The iconic Larry Bird logo of Twitter, the world's largest microblogging site.

While not exclusively a job-search tool such as LinkedIn, Twitter is a great tool in any student’s job-search portfolio. Image from Pixabay.

Twitter may not have the career search reputation of LinkedIn, yet it is a valuable tool for social media-adept millennials to get started in the workforce. Following are 10 tips on how to make your Twitter job-search-friendly.

With 320 million active users worldwide, Twitter remains one of the world’s premier social networking sites and the leading micro-blogging site. Since its founding on March 21, 2006, Twitter has shown its strength as a marketing, political campaign and entertainment tool and it can serve as a job-search platform as well.

Following are 10 tips on how to turn your Twitter into a job-search site.

  1. Make Sure Your Twitter Looks Professional

It should go without saying, but all your social networks – including Twitter – should look professional. Expect prospective employers and your current boss to view your account and make sure they get a good impression of you if they do.

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A Mihaylo College student receives advisement from a peer tutor on a term paper at the Mihaylo Tutoring Center.

A Mihaylo student receives assistance on a term paper at the Mihaylo Tutoring Center. Tutoring options are available on both college-specific and university levels.

As a Cal State Fullerton communications graduate student, a magna cum laude undergraduate and a blog writer at Mihaylo College, I am far from an expert, but I have learned a few things about writing successful term papers. Here are 10 tips from my personal experience.

Want to get an A on your term paper, but feel you are not a great writer? We all have strengths and weaknesses, but that does not mean you can’t write up academic papers that will impress your professor and serve as excellent portfolio pieces for your job search (or admission to graduate school or beyond).

Here are 10 tips I’ve learned from my classes.

Know the Basics of Report Structure

While assignments vary, most reports require an introductory thesis statement, a body that fleshes out your information or findings and a conclusion that summarizes your work and references. The thesis statement is particularly difficult for many students. For university-level work, your thesis should be at the end of your first or second paragraph. Your conclusion should refer back to your thesis, stressing its importance and demonstrating its relevance in light of the body you have provided.

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A person holds an iPad with the logos of major social networking sites.

The proliferation of social networks has provided new channels for corporate marketing and public relations activities. Mihaylo Accounting Professor Wei Jiang’s study notes that use of Facebook and Twitter show the clearest relationship to improved corporate finances. Image from Pixabay.

How does corporate use of social media correlate with financial performance? Mihaylo Accounting Professor Wei Jiang examines the impact in his recent study, “Do Social Media Matter? Initial Empirical Evidence.”

In the late 2000s, the U.S. economy was at its worst since the Great Depression, and the auto industry was particularly hard-hit. Two of the big three automakers – General Motors and Chrysler – had to take government bailouts to stay afloat. Yet Ford Motor Company not only weathered the crisis, but seemed to emerge stronger. At least part of the automaker’s secret was early and judicious adoption of social media. The company used pre-launch posts about its new cars, beginning with its Ford Fiesta. The content resulted in 58% brand awareness and more than 10,000 reservations before the model debuted.

From automakers to fast food to financial institutions, social media has emerged as the leading marketing platform for many businesses in the past few years, and for good reason – 73% of Americans had at least one social media profile in 2015, up from just 48% at the start of the decade. Recent data shows that 88% of companies include social media in their marketing strategies , including 81% of small and medium-sized businesses. How does the use of social media affect corporate financial performance?

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