Through blogging, information can be conveyed efficiently to today's readers.

Blogs provide a versatile platform to display your knowledge of a subject – and build your personal network in the process. Photo from Pixabay

Covering topics ranging from business news to the latest celebrity gossip to international travel, blogs are an inexpensive but versatile way to communicate and build your personal brand. Here are seven reasons why college students should consider starting their own blog on business-related topics.

  1. Blogs provide a portfolio piece for your career.

Particularly if you are studying marketing, public relations or journalism, demonstrating your communication abilities is a big plus when you interview for jobs. Blogs provide a strong portfolio piece, which you can easily share with a link by email and reference on your LinkedIn profile and résumé.

  1. Your blog is an opportunity to showcase your knowledge of a particular academic subject.

In contrast to the teaching and group project focus of undergraduate degrees, most graduate and doctoral programs have a strong research or individual project emphasis, with writing being an integral component of many courses. Maintaining a blog in your desired career field will help keep you on top of the subject matter, while demonstrating your understanding and interest. Read More

A Factor Model Approach to Derivative Pricing by Mihaylo College Associate Professor of Finance James Primbs explores financial derivative pricing.Associate Professor of Finance James Primbs’ new book, A Factor Model Approach to Derivative Pricing, provides the university student, researcher or financial professional with an accessible mathematical introduction to the pricing of derivative securities, which are based on the value of an underlying financial product.

Derivatives, including options, futures and swaps, play a leading role in the global financial system. From providing flexibility as non-binding contracts to facilitating high rates of return, these instruments can create mutually beneficial outcomes to both investors and businesses, though their high risk is also a significant factor in stock and bond market declines.

Mihaylo Associate Professor of Finance James Primbs examines the pricing of derivatives in his recent book, A Factor Model Approach to Derivative Pricing, published by Chapman and Hall. It is designed for readers with a quantitative background who are new to the field, including students, entry-level professionals and researchers beginning study of these instruments.

What Are Derivatives?

“Derivatives are a class of securities that derive their value from some other underlying security,” says Primbs. Read More

The winning Guy Yocom Construction foursome at the Mihaylo Golf Classic at Newport Beach's Pelican Hill Resort in June 2017.

The winning Guy Yocom Construction foursome enjoys a day on the oceanfront greens while supporting Mihaylo College.

Mihaylo College faculty, staff, donors and alumni gathered at Pelican Hill Golf Club in Newport Beach on Monday, June 19, for the college’s 23rd annual golf tournament. The golf classic raised more than $140,000, including in-kind gifts, which will be used to fund scholarships and services, such as those offered by the Business Honors Program, and student services such as the Mihaylo Tutoring Center.

The foursome representing Guy Yocom Construction, a longtime donor of Cal State Fullerton and Mihaylo College, took home the first place trophy.

The golf classic was made possible by Helpmates Staffing Companies, this year’s title sponsor; garment sponsor Smart & Final; dinner sponsor Southern Counties Lubricants LLC; product sponsor Pacific Premier Bank; and the college’s alumni and business network.

“We are fortunate to have the Executive Council lead this tournament to support our student success programs. Their network, mentorship and philanthropic support help us encourage our students to succeed,” says Enrique Gonzalez-Salgado, the college’s senior director of development. “We hope we to see more friends and alumni join us for the tournament next year on June 18, 2018.”

For more information, contact Associate Director of Development David Román at 657-278-7433 or

The dramatic coastal scenery of Newport Beach, California, as visible from Pelican Hill Golf Club.

With more than $140,000 in proceeds at the 2017 tournament, the Mihaylo Golf Classic has raised nearly $1.3 million over 23 years.

Eric Lavold '10, a Mihaylo College MBA alumnus who leads a product line at Brea-based medical device company Beckman Coulter.

While all aspects of health care are growing fields, Eric Lavold ’10 recognizes that success in these careers may come slowly. “You have to be patient and persistent to get in the door, and then once inside, patient and persistent to get the job done.”

Brea-based Beckman Coulter is one of the world’s leading biomedical manufacturers with more than 10,000 employees worldwide, many of them in North Orange County. Mihaylo MBA alumnus Eric Lavold ’10 is in charge of one of their clinical chemistry instrument product lines. He discusses his career journey and how to get started in this growing field.  

With an aging population, biomedical advances and the digitalization of health-care data and delivery, all sectors of the health-care industry are experiencing significant growth.

North Orange County is at the forefront of the health-care revolution as the home of Beckman Coulter, which has the led the way in global medical advances over the past 80 years by developing cutting-edge laboratory equipment, diagnostic tools and patient-care products to ensure optimal outcomes throughout the human lifespan.

Mihaylo MBA alumnus Eric Lavold ’10 leads one of the company’s clinical chemistry instrument product lines, which involves the creation of products for the analysis of proteins in bodily fluids to prevent, diagnose and treat disease. Read More

A woman sitting in front of a tiny home in Spur, Texas, a community of miniature houses.

Spur, Texas, a community of less than 1,200 about 70 miles east of Lubbock, became the nation’s first official tiny house-friendly community when the city council passed a unanimous declaration in 2014.

Over the past 50 years, new American homes have been getting larger, even as household size has decreased. In 2015, the average size of new homes built in the United States reached a record 2,687 square feet. But some housing developments, including a proposed community in Anaheim, are moving in the opposite extreme, constructing tiny homes that offer affordability and minimalist living.

A mile south of Knott’s Berry Farm in West Anaheim, Newport Beach developer AML Family LLC is proposing a new infill housing development of upscale single-family detached homes of about 600 square feet each. Each of the 10 units would feature a single bedroom, kitchen facilities and a small living area, with a shared courtyard.

While such small houses might resonate with Orange County residents seeking homeownership despite soaring costs, developments with tiny homes are a small but growing movement in American real estate.

The Diverse Residents of Tiny Homes: From the Homeless to CEOs

From housing the homeless to providing chic accommodations for singles, young couples, empty-nesters and others seeking environmental and financial efficiency, homes of as little as 400 square feet have the potential to transform communities, create a novel way of filling vacant land in urban areas, and provide an alternative to large new constructions, smaller older homes in need of repair and apartment living. Read More

Julie Hom, a Mihaylo College alumna, holds a sign reading "We Did It!" in front of the logo of her Costa Mesa, California, TrapZone Escape Rooms.

Whether you seek to develop an innovative entertainment concept such as an escape room or a more traditional business such as an accounting firm, Julie Hom ’14 says now is the time to get started on your vision. “One of my favorite quotes is ‘if not now, then when?’ This resonates with me and motivates me to use my time wisely and continue moving forward in my vision and goals.’” Photo credit

Entrepreneurship provides the opportunity to find your personal niche and make your mark on the world. Mihaylo students and alumni have launched many types of businesses, including financial institutions, marketing agencies, restaurants and web-based startups. One recent alumna developed an innovative business concept with her launch of TrapZone Escape Rooms in Costa Mesa.

Escape rooms, which task players to solve puzzles in a physical room within an allotted time period, have become a sensation this decade. Mihaylo alumna Julie Hom ’14 (marketing and ISDS) is the co-founder of TrapZone Escape Rooms in Costa Mesa, providing 60-minute adventure games at a location a few blocks from South Coast Plaza and adjacent to the hip shopping scenes at The CAMP and The LAB Antimall.

Hom discusses her business concept, what it takes to succeed as an entrepreneur and how a Mihaylo education prepared her for her career.

How did you develop the concept of your business, TrapZone Rooms? 

I started TrapZone with two friends I used to work with at my previous job. We launched the business and escape game on our own. I manage our marketing and escape room design for our game, which is called “The Asylum.”   Read More

Members of the 2017 Cal State Fullerton baseball team greet fans upon their return from the College World Series.

By reaching the College World Series, members of the 2017 Titan Baseball Team will have opportunity to develop their athletic career potential and carry with them lifelong memories. Photo by Matt Ulfelder ’17

The Cal State Fullerton baseball team made it to the NCAA College World Series this year for the 18th time in 42 years. The team was honored at a reception at Goodwin Field on June 20. Among the team members are several Mihaylo business students.

Cal State Fullerton’s baseball season concluded on Monday after the Florida State Seminoles edged out the Titans 6-4, eliminating Fullerton from the best-of-three series held at T.D. Ameritrade Field in Omaha. In their first game on Saturday, Oregon State defeated the Titans 6-5. The losses capped a postseason in which CSUF defeated Stanford University in the Pac-12 conference and Long Beach State University, the Big West champion and archrival, in a super-regional.

Mihaylo students were part of this year’s thrilling CSUF baseball season and include No. 8 Coby Kauhaahaa, No. 18 Brett Conine, No. 19 Dillon Persinger (who was awarded for 2017 Highest Individual GPA – Go Mihaylo!), No. 20 Jimmy Endersby, No. 23 Jake Pavletich, No. 25 Erik Cha, No. 27 Niko Pacheco, No. 35 Zach Weller, No. 37 Dillon Brown and No. 42 Gavin Velasquez.

Cal State Fullerton baseball fans turn out to cheer the 2017 team, which advanced to the College World Series.

CSUF students and alumni joined fans from the Orange County community to welcome home the Titan baseball team on June 20, 2017. Photo by Matt Ulfelder ’17

The Cal State Fullerton baseball program is among the university’s best-performing athletic programs, having 18 World Series appearances since beginning division play in 1975, including four national championships, for an average of an appearance every 2.3 years and a world championship every decade. For more information, visit CSUF baseball online.

Congratulations to the Titans for another great season!

An Asian girl or young woman uses an iPad tablet device.

Need an iPad or laptop for the day while working on an assignment or group club project? Check them out at the Student Genius Center or Titan Student Union. Photo from Pexels

Cal State Fullerton wants to ensure that students have access to the technology needed to succeed in classes and career development. Here are five resources available to students for free or discounted cost.

  1. Adobe Creative Cloud

Want to hone your photography, graphic design or computer programming skills? Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and Dreamweaver are some of the software titles available to students with a one-year free license for use on their home computers. While students of all majors who are actively taking courses are eligible, you will need at least 12 GB of free space on your device to successfully complete the download. Only need one or two Adobe Creative Cloud programs? You can choose which programs you need before downloading, thus saving space on your computer.

  1. Dropbox

College courses often involve assignments you might want to work on remotely. Make accessing the latest version of your documents easy with 50 GB of free storage, available to students as a pilot program to offer Dropbox for Business for university students. Upon graduation, you have the option of purchasing Dropbox Plus (formerly Dropbox Pro) at a discounted rate. Read More

The Gaviña Family, shown in their coffee processing facility near Los Angeles, California.

Over nearly 150 years, the Gaviña family has produced coffee. Pedro Gaviña, CEO and part of the third generation, is in the back row, second from left, standing next to fourth-generation purchasing director Michael Gaviña, to Pedro’s left.

From agriculture to high technology, a majority of family businesses are passed down from father to children, creating a vital link across generations while benefiting the broader economy. In honor of Father’s Day, Mihaylo News is profiling F. Gaviña & Sons Inc., a four-generation, Cuban-American gourmet coffee importer and roaster based in the Los Angeles area that is active in Mihaylo College’s Center for Family Business.

For many of us, the day cannot begin until we enjoy our favorite brand of coffee. According to the National Coffee Association, 54% of American adults drank coffee every day as of the start of this decade. Coffee growth, production and sales is second only to crude oil in global value, employing subsistence farmers in developing countries and baristas in major Western cities.

Among the companies ensuring that fine coffee makes its way from remote hillsides to your home, office or favorite restaurant is F. Gaviña & Sons Inc., a Vernon-based importer, roaster and supplier. The company is active in Mihaylo’s business network through membership in the Center for Family Business, which provides networking, development and engagement opportunities for Southern California family-owned firms.

A Dream Survives Over Four Generations and 3,000 Miles

The Gaviña story began in 1870, when brothers José María and Ramón Gaviña left their native Spain for economic opportunities in the New World. They settled in Cuba, where they began planting coffee in the fertile hillsides on the island.   Read More

Surfers ride the waves around the San Clemente Pier in San Clemente, California.

The San Clemente Pier is the hub of activity in Orange County’s southernmost beach town, once the haunt of Hollywood elite and President Richard Nixon. Photo from Pixabay

Stretching more than 40 miles from the Los Angeles County border to the San Diego County line, Orange County includes the world-famous amusement parks, beaches and shopping centers of the Anaheim and South Coast Metro areas. It also boasts the beauty of South County communities such as Dana Point, San Juan Capistrano and San Clemente. Enjoy your South County day or weekend trip with these seven destinations.

  1. 1,000 Steps Beach

Want to visit a cave and the beach on the same afternoon? You can at 1,000 Steps Beach, where steep staircases lead to a hidden beachfront with a small cave that is accessible at low tide. Parking is free in the nearby neighborhoods, though this is a strenuous hike. To reach the cave, take the southbound Pacific Coast Highway south of Laguna Beach. The beach is accessible at the corner of PCH and 9th Avenue.

  1. Aliso and Wood Canyons Hiking

More caves, deer, an unspoiled coastal chaparral natural environment, and miles of hiking and bike trails beckon the visitor to Aliso and Wood Canyons Wilderness Park, which encompasses 4,500 acres in one of the largest open spaces in the county. The main trailhead is on Awma Road off Alicia Parkway in Aliso Viejo. Read More