Father Greg Boyle, founder of Los Angeles' Homeboy Industries. Father Gregory Boyle, founder of Los Angeles’ Homeboy Industries, the world’s largest gang rehabilitation program, will be among the keynote speakers at the Cal State Fullerton Mihaylo College Gianneschi Center G3X Conference, which provides continuing education and networking for the philanthropic community. Register today to attend.

For the past 31 years, Los Angeles Jesuit Priest Fr. Greg Boyle has dedicated himself to creating space and opportunity for former gang members and formerly incarcerated individuals who want to leave behind the despair and destruction of gang violence and begin to live fulfilling lives. Boyle’s Homeboy Industries is an organization that provides rehabilitation and job training programs for gang members and at-risk youth. It includes tattoo removal and therapy services as well as housing several businesses including Homeboy Bakery, Homegirl Café & Catering and Homeboy Silkscreen & Embroidery.

Boyle will share insights with current and aspiring nonprofit and social enterprise professionals at Cal State Fullerton’s G3X Conference on Wednesday, Aug. 14. He hopes his lecture will impact those desiring to make a tangible difference in the lives of the underprivileged.

“Anyone who feels so inclined to move to the margins so the margins get erased” would benefit from hearing the talk, says Boyle. Read More

CSUF faculty member Shaun Pichler, certificate program coordinator, associate professor of management and an accomplished researcher.

Shaun Pichler

An employment growth area vital to the success of contemporary companies and organizations, human resources is fast becoming an in-demand field for today’s young professionals.

With a three-unit graduate certificate in human resources from Cal State Fullerton’s Mihaylo College of Business and Economics, you will have what it takes to expand your focus into this space or better understand the human resources component of your company.

Offered through the university’s Extension and International Programs and taught by Mihaylo College management faculty, the fully online courses, which include seminars in HR management, organizational behavior, and organizational development and change, may be applied to a Mihaylo College MBA program or utilized for professional certification.

“The certificate program focuses on strategy and is designed to prepare experienced human resources professionals to become the next human resources leaders in Orange County,” says Shaun Pichler, certificate program coordinator, associate professor of management and an accomplished researcher.

Instruction for the six-month program begins in fall 2019, with applications due by Aug. 1, 2019. Reserve your spot today!

Continue reading about the HR certificate in this CSUF News article. Or read more of our articles about the college’s management education programs.

Amir Dabirian, chief information officer for Cal State FullertonThis year’s G3X Conference, which provides continuing education and networking opportunities for nonprofit or philanthropic organizations and businesses, will include a lecture by Amir Dabirian ’88, Cal State Fullerton’s vice president for information technology. He will examine the changes in IT occurring in higher education and across the nonprofit sector. Register for the conference today!

Amir Dabirian ’88, the chief information officer for one of the largest and most diverse universities in the United States, has seen firsthand how IT opportunities, challenges and threats have come to the fore in recent decades, becoming a vital focus for any contemporary organization.

At the G3X Conference at Cal State Fullerton’s Mihaylo College on Tuesday, Aug. 13, Dabirian will examine the impact of technology on the social sector, including the rise of artificial intelligence and machine learning, the challenge and opportunity of 5G, and the increasing expectation for self-service and round-the-clock availability of services.

“In my G3X talk, I will discuss how the Division of Information Technology has worked diligently to provide students with the technologies they need to be successful,” says the Cal State Fullerton engineering alumnus. “We will discuss how CSUF integrates cutting-edge technology, such as artificial intelligence (AI), digital signage, and Adobe Creative Cloud, to ensure student success, and promote necessary digital literacy skills.”

The presentation will conclude with a demonstration of virtual reality learning and chatbots, presented by Dabirian and his team.

A passion for the success of students, many of whom are the first in their families to attain a college education, has been central to Dabirian’s commitment and the culture of the team he leads.

“At Cal State Fullerton, I oversee all enterprise services of IT in support of the university’s mission and strategic plan,” he says. “The success of our students is the main reason that I have served the CSUF community for over 30 years. Empowering our students to become digital citizens is the driving force behind the Division of Information Technology’s values and guiding principles.”

Dabirian’s presentation will be part of the Innovations in Technology track, a full day of lectures on IT-focused topics at the conference, sponsored by the Gianneschi Center for Nonprofit Research at Mihaylo College.

Speakers will include Stephanie Smith, social media specialist for NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory; Gerald Solomon, executive director of the Samueli Foundation and advisor to the North American Scholastic eSports Federation; and Jason Szolomayer ’02, a Mihaylo College finance grad using 3-D printing to provide hearing aid solutions to the world’s underprivileged.

For a complete lineup or to register for the conference, visit the G3X website. Read about some of our previous G3X nonprofit conference speakers to learn more about why you may want to attend this year.

Grecia Pardave, associate professor of marketing at Universidad Privada del Norte (UPN) in Lima, Peru. Grecia Pardave ’09 came to Southern California from her native Peru in 2003 to study business. After earning her degree in international business from Cal State Fullerton’s Mihaylo College in 2009, Pardave returned to her country, where she is now an associate professor of business marketing at the Universidad Privada del Norte (UPN) in Lima. Pardave reflects on her Cal State Fullerton experience and examines higher education and entrepreneurship opportunities in her nation.

About 4,000 miles southeast of Southern California, the Pacific Rim nation of Peru is experiencing a rapid economic transformation and is a growth market for international investors. Grecia Pardave, a Cal State Fullerton international business grad and associate professor of business marketing at UPN in the Peruvian capital, Lima, encourages entrepreneurs and business professionals to consider her nation as a potential destination.

“For entrepreneurs, Peru is one of the fastest-growing economies in the world,” she says. “Private investment and rising exports have played an important role in this growth. Major export sectors include mining, agriculture, textiles, fishing and oil. Peru also offers a favorable legal framework for foreign investment and has numerous economic cooperation and free trade agreements, including with the United States, European Union, China, Japan, Australia, Mexico and other South American countries.”

Pardave, who advises business startups in Lima in addition to teaching business courses, notes that Peru is among the fastest-expanding economies in a continent that has witnessed uneven growth in recent decades. According to the World Bank, the Andean nation of 32 million people has had an average growth rate of 6% over the past decade, with low inflation. Read More

Students - many of them using their laptops - take in a class lecture at Cal State Fullerton's Steven G. Mihaylo Hall. In an era in which artificial intelligence is poised to transform all industries, including accounting, Cal State Fullerton’s Department of Accounting is taking the lead in preparing the next generation of professionals for this future and has partnered with UiPath, a New York City-based robotics process automation (RPA) software company. Together, UiPath and CSUF’s Mihaylo College of Business and Economics offer both a graduate course and, in spring 2020, an undergraduate course exploring the applications of RPA to drive efficiencies and improve performance in accounting.

Mihaylo College’s accounting department is the first higher education entity in the United States to partner with UiPath through the company’s Academic Alliance program, which empowers students with the skills needed for success in the field.

The spring 2019 course featured presentations and applied demonstrations from UiPath representatives, as well as class visits from professionals from the Big Four accounting firms, who explored actual examples of the use of RPA to improve accounting functions. Applications discussed included automating tax functions, consolidations and data mining. Students wrote the script for automation that would assist them in their own daily tasks, creating bots that could perform such tasks as emptying the recycle bin of a computer at a specified time each day, finding the seven-day weather forecast for specific zip codes, creating a list of particular items being sold on Amazon, or assembling and compiling U.S. Census and stock market data. Read More

Cal State Fullerton students pose behind the Mihaylo College Center for Real Estate booth at RECon 2019 in Las VegasCal State Fullerton Mihaylo College business students seeking real estate careers gained exposure to leading industry talent at the 2019 RECon in Las Vegas, the largest annual real estate event in the world, sponsored by the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC).

When more than 37,000 real estate professionals and students converged on the Las Vegas Convention Center in May, they were met with a representation from Cal State Fullerton’s Center for Real Estate, which hosted a booth at the event for the first time, showcasing the program and the value of its graduates to employers.

The event was also a networking and applied education experience for the 12 students making the 256-mile trip from Cal State Fullerton to Las Vegas. With a format including lectures on the latest real estate best practices and trends, as well as the largest deal-making show floor in the industry, the event provided a behind-the-scenes look at the real estate profession in action.

“We learned about the industry at the seminars and met with employers at the exhibit hall,” says Gabrielle Gourgy, a finance student and the center’s student assistant. “Alumni and board members were there, including Pat Donahue ’78; Bob Taylor ’67, MBA ’73; and Steve Haddadin ’18, and the students met with them to see how deals are made in a conference setting.”

Real estate professionals, including Cal State Fullerton alumnus Pat Donahue, and Center for Real Estate director Bob Osbrink speak to Cal State Fullerton real estate students.

Cal State Fullerton students hear from real estate professionals at RECon 2019 in Las Vegas.

Mihaylo College and the USC Marshall School of Business were the only academic representations from California universities at 2019 RECon.

“We were one of the largest universities in attendance, and we look forward to doing this again next year,” says Gourgy. “We are showcasing our program so employers may see the value students bring as CSUF graduates. Employers also send over their staff to check out educational advancement opportunities at schools like ours.”

Interested in attending RECon as a Mihaylo College student next year? Reach out to the Center for Real Estate at cre@fullerton.edu or the Real Estate Association, a club devoted to developing future real estate leaders, at sgmhrea@gmail.com.

For more on the Mihaylo College real estate program and its impact, read our articles on real estate.

Cal State Fullerton ISDS Professor Ofir Turel holds the microphone when honored with the L. Donald Shields Excellence in Scholarship and Creativity Award, bestowed by the CSUF Academic Senate on May 2, 2019. Cal State Fullerton Mihaylo College Information Systems and Decision Sciences (ISDS) Professor Ofir Turel, a globally-recognized technology academic and among the most prolific researchers at Cal State Fullerton, is the recipient of the 2019 L. Donald Shields Excellence in Scholarship and Creativity Award, bestowed by the university’s Academic Senate at their May 2 meeting.

The honor recognizes faculty members demonstrating consistent leadership in research and creativity. In Turel’s case, the award highlights his work synthesizing information systems, neurosciences and the behavioral sciences, examining such novel topics as addictive use of social networks.

With a focus on application as well as scholarly study, Turel’s research has appeared in numerous industry journals, but also such popular publications as The Wall Street Journal and Seventeen, thus impacting virtually all segments of the global public.

For more on Turel’s award, and what others are saying about him and his impact, continue reading this CSUF News article.


Cal State Fullerton Mihaylo College Titan Capital Management students present an oversized check to Emeline Yong, assistant dean for student affairs, on May 10, 2019.

Finance students in Titan Capital Management present a $30,000 check to Emeline Yong, assistant dean for student affairs (holding check at left) at Steven G. Mihaylo Hall on May 10, 2019.

Cal State Fullerton Mihaylo College’s Titan Capital Management (TCM), a student-managed stock and bond portfolio, has donated $30,000 to the Mihaylo Tutoring Center. This is the sixth consecutive year the program has used its proceeds to benefit student services.

Students at Cal State Fullerton’s Mihaylo College of Business and Economics will benefit from a $30,000 donation to the Mihaylo Tutoring Center from Titan Capital Management (TCM), an on-campus investment portfolio managed by high-achieving finance students.

Despite turbulent times in equity markets over the past year, the investment portfolio realized sharp gains in 2018, enabling the program to donate the proceeds to support student services, as it has done over the past six years. This year’s donation matches the amount provided in 2018 but is a sharp rise from the $5,000 first donated in 2014.

The funding will be used to compensate the instructional student assistants who provide peer tutoring to their classmates through the Mihaylo Tutoring Center, which provides tutoring for undergraduates on challenging or bottleneck courses in accounting, business writing, economics, finance and information systems.

By supporting the applied education of the next generation of finance professionals while supporting the success of one of the most diverse student populations in the United States, TCM represents the symbiotic initiatives currently transforming higher education and making Mihaylo College a leader as a versatile institution.

Learn more about Titan Capital Management or read more of our articles about the student-managed fund.

Cal State Fullerton management students Nick Deitz and his son Seth pose in front of Langsdorf Hall.

Father-son graduates Nick Deitz (left) and Seth at Cal State Fullerton.

Among the more than 2,300 students honored at Cal State Fullerton’s Mihaylo College commencement on May 18 were two generations from the same family: Management grad and Marine Corps veteran Nick Deitz, and his son, Seth, who plans to launch his military career after officially completing his management studies in August.

When instructors at Cal State Fullerton’s Mihaylo College first met two students with the last name Deitz in their classes, they thought the two men were brothers. In fact, Nick and Seth are father and son. They first attended Saddleback College in South Orange County together before both transferring to Mihaylo College to earn business degrees.

Nick, the father, devoted himself to earning a college degree after two decades of service with the U.S. Marine Corps, while his son, Seth, is using his business education as a springboard to launch a career with the same branch of the military that his father served.

“My dad would ask me, ‘I’m thinking about going to college, would you have any issues with it?” recalls the younger Deitz. “I would answer, ‘let’s do it, let’s go.’ I was completely for it. My dad understands me better than my friends do. Being in an environment with competition between classes and grades, I never wanted to be seen as a slacker or undisciplined in front of my dad, and that was always a big motivation.” Read More

Jay Barbuto, director of Cal State Fullerton's Center for Leadership, behind a lectern at the 2019 Leadership Awards.

Jay Barbuto, director of the Center for Leadership, welcomes honorees and attendees to the 8th Annual Leadership Awards on May 10, 2019.

The annual luncheon recognizes the most innovative, inclusive and trendsetting leaders in Southern California’s for-profit and nonprofit sectors.

The opportunity to honor exemplary Orange County leaders drew 300 professionals from every industry and students and faculty from Cal State Fullerton’s Mihaylo College of Business and Economics to the Hotel Irvine on May 10 for the 2019 Leadership Awards Luncheon, which was sponsored by 28 companies and organizations.

Highlighting leadership in both the for-profit and social profit sectors, recognition was based on excellence in strategy, cultural change, innovation, growth, leadership development, continuity and lifetime achievement. The eighth annual peer-nominated awards also paid special attention to philanthropic endeavors and social enterprises that are seeking to make Orange County a more sustainable and inclusive place to live and work. Read More