Mihaylo College Woods Center Director Anil Puri and Co-director and Associate Professor of Economics Mira Farka at the 2018 Spring Economic Forecast

Woods Center Director and former Dean Anil Puri (left) and Associate Professor of Economics and Woods Center Co-director Mira Farka provided a midyear outlook for the economy to local business leaders and the Cal State Fullerton community at the Hotel Irvine. Photo by Matt Gush

In light of recent stock market volatility and the ongoing expansion, Anil Puri, director of the Woods Center for Economic Analysis and Forecasting, and Associate Professor of Economics Mira Farka, Woods Center co-director, presented their annual spring update of the Economic Outlook and Forecast at the Hotel Irvine on May 3, examining the state of the global, national and local economies.

After several years of relative tranquility, especially in 2017, financial markets have been caught in increased volatility in recent months, which has dominated headlines despite a continuing economic expansion resulting in some of the highest employment rates in the post-World War II era and a historically long slog of continuous GDP growth.

“2017 was a remarkable year. Stock markets around the globe soared, volatility was at historical lows, inflation remained subdued, and monetary policy continued to remain accommodative across the world,” report Puri and Farka.

“Alas, 2018, has ushered in a dourer mood. Retail sales slumped for the third straight month in February, vehicle sales have plateaued, construction took a step back earlier this year and home sales continue to struggle. More importantly, market volatility is back with a vengeance as if making up for lost time last year when it was conspicuously absent,” they say. Read More


Mihaylo College Alumnus Michelle Kop, pictured here, works at Saatchi and Saatchi Advertising AgencyeMihaylo alumna Michelle Kop ’14 (marketing) is a search supervisor at Saatchi & Saatchi, one of the top advertising agencies in the world. This company is known for its bold and creative advertisements for clients such as Toyota, ASICS and the Los Angeles Chargers. Just a few years after graduating from Cal State Fullerton, Kop first joined Saatchi & Saatchi as a search strategist.

In this guest article, Kop discusses her career immediately after graduation, from working in a small digital marketing agency to her current role at Saatchi & Saatchi, and her constant efforts to improve as a marketing professional. Touching upon the feelings of uncertainty that she experienced in the months leading up to her graduation in 2014, Kop also shares some words of wisdom for students who will be graduating this May.

Written by: Michelle Kop

Just a few years ago, I was sitting in a classroom at Mihaylo College. I was going to classes, interning at a local firm, meeting up with friends – and dealing with some pre-graduation jitters.

Since then, a lot has changed!

My entire post-college career has been on the agency side of marketing – planning and executing digital media strategies for small local businesses and now Fortune 500 clients. My specialty within the digital marketing field is in search engine marketing, which is what I currently do in my full-time role at Saatchi & Saatchi. Read More

Mihaylo College students work on an investment project at the Titan Capital Management lab in Cal State Fullerton's Steven G. Mihaylo Hall.

Titan Capital Management gives CSUF ASAP students access to real-world experience in bonds and investments. Photo Credit: Matt Ulfelder ’17

Imagine you are a finance undergrad and have access to the same Bloomberg software and terminals as veteran stock traders and are responsible for a real-life diversified investment portfolio, currently valued at about $1.5 million in stocks and bonds.

Cal State Fullerton business students who are enrolled in the two-course Applied Security Analysis Program (ASAP), specializing in either stock or bond investments, have access to such resources and experiences thanks to the Titan Capital Management center, a high-tech interactive lab housed in Mihaylo Hall and made possible through the generous support of finance alumnus Jeffrey Van Harte ’80, chair and chief investment officer of Jackson Square Partners.

“This program has leveled the playing field for our students,” says ASAP Managing Director Mike Milligan. “It’s a great learning experience to work in that kind of atmosphere.”

When the students graduate and enter the industry, employers – ranging from Orange County boutique firms such as Green Street Advisors to top-tier internationally-recognized institutions such as Goldman Sachs – covet their real-world experience managing a stock portfolio. These companies understand that graduates of the ASAP program are familiar with the volatility of today’s financial markets and have learned through experience the technical and human skills professional investors, securities analysts and money managers need to succeed.

For a general overview, check out Banking on Hands-On Learning. For a look at how the program prepares students for the rigors and uncertainty of financial markets, continue reading Titan Capital Management Students Experience Volatility of Stock Market from CSUF News.

Cal State Fullerton's Business and Data Analytics Club provides networking and workshops for the information technology professionals of tomorrow.The Cal State Fullerton Business and Data Analytics Club (BDAC) seeks to prepare business students for careers in the growing information technology fields through workshops, speakers and networking events. Club President Yinghong Lin ’18 (accounting and ISDS) discusses the club’s activities and how to get involved.

Looking for a versatile and rewarding career in a growing sector of the economy? Information systems and decision sciences (ISDS) and related fields are among the leaders in employment growth.

“ISDS is a broad area that includes three major branches: information systems, business analytics and decision sciences,” says Yinghong Lin ’18, president of the Business and Data Analytics Club (BDAC). “Data-related jobs are flexible and in high demand as every modern industry desires workers who can provide valuable insights for decision-making. Among the opportunities available in this field are business system analyst, business analyst and decision support specialist.”

Lin’s club, which is open to CSUF students of all majors, concentrations and skill levels, provides a practical introduction to the field that dovetails with the college’s ISDS academic programs and facilitates student connections with professionals. “Through workshops and speaker events, we enable students to acquire the skills and knowledge needed to thrive and become competitive in today’s industry,” she says. Read More

Students in the CSUF Association of Indonesian Students club at an Orange County beach.

Timothy Soemali ’18 (accounting) is the founder and president of the Association of Indonesian Students (AIS), which seeks to increase awareness of the Indonesian community on campus and in Southern California. Soemali discusses the mission and activities of AIS, how students can get involved and tips for others who might be interested in starting clubs.

What is the mission and vision of AIS, and where do you see the club in the future?

California is a very culturally diverse state. We believe our culture is a platform for us to be impactful on campus. Our three main goals are spreading positivity, achievement and creativity. We encourage our members to have a positive attitude toward everyone and to be welcoming on campus. Our fundraisers are donated to real issues in the community or Indonesia, such as helping less fortunate children who live on the streets of Indonesian cities. We help our members perform well in school and work. We are always open to member feedback and creative ideas. I see the organization being one of the most impactful on campus, even considering our niche appeal as a cultural club. Read More

diners in line at Porto's bakery in Buena Park

Photo of Portos Bakery Buena Park. Taken by Amanda M. on Yelp.

Got some time to kill before your evening class? Maybe you just had a test and need to treat yourself to something new and delicious. Whatever the reason, you’re hungry and you want to eat something good.

After checking out the local eateries within walking distance of Mihaylo building, you might be looking to branch out a little bit. That’s why we compiled a list of some of our favorite spots to grab a bite off-campus, all within a 15-minute drive. Spoiler alert: Porto’s Bakery is on this list.


1. Green Bliss­­

This cafe in downtown Fullerton has tasty options for everyone. Green Bliss is a favorite spot for the vegetarian and vegan community, while also serving healthy meat and dairy options for non-vegan customers. Just a seven-minute drive from campus, this place features breakfast and lunch items, from breakfast omelets to paninis and wraps.

If you choose Green Bliss for a quiet lunch, be sure to stop by early since they close at 4 p.m. every day. As an added bonus, customers can access the courtyard plaza. It is a great place to relax with a sandwich and enjoy the fresh air!

Read More

Specialist Nadine Garcia ’19 is a full-time student studying international business with an emphasis in global trade and linguistics at Mihaylo College. She was still a senior in high school and just 17 years old when she officially signed on to join the United States Army Reserve, and she currently holds the rank of specialist. I spoke with Spc. Garcia on the exact date of her fourth military anniversary to learn more about what it’s like being a full-time student while also serving in the military.

Spc. Nadine Garcia served a military deployment in 2016

Specialist Nadine Garcia was born and raised in Montebello, California, and moved to Fullerton to be closer to campus. At first glance, she may seem to have the “typical” student life as a college junior. She attends class in Mihaylo Hall most mornings and works a part-time job at Huntington Beach Harley-Davidson. If she has any time left over, she spends it with her friends and family or plays with her dog, Harley.

What most people don’t know about Spc. Garcia is that in 2016, she served her first deployment in the Middle East. And one weekend out of every month, she attends Army Drill Assembly, preparing for future deployments. Read More

Ameya Agavekar'18, a Mihaylo College MS IT graduate who interned at Lionsgate Entertainment in Santa Monica in fall 2017.

Mihaylo College information systems and decision sciences graduate alumnus Ameya Agavekar ’18 recently completed a data science internship with Lionsgate Entertainment Inc. This year, he began a business intelligence and reporting analyst role at insurance carrier ICW Group in San Diego. Agavekar discusses the impact of his campus involvement in preparing him for this role, his career goals and how students can ready themselves for a rewarding future in the data science field.

Why should today’s business students study data analytics? According to Ameya Agavekar ’18 (MS – information systems), analytics is the wave of the future.

“Even as a student, don’t think only about next year or the next two years, but look at the next decade,” he says. “Every company will require analytics professionals in the near future, because it is an essential function of every business, from health care to banking to retail.”

Agavekar, who was honored with the 2017 Outstanding Student Award for his research in statistics and analytics, is preparing for a long-term career in data science, which he hopes will lead to an executive technology position in a Fortune 50 company. He recently served Lionsgate Entertainment Inc., a major film company, in a business intelligence and analytics internship at their Santa Monica headquarters.

“The moments I began and ended this internship have been watersheds in my professional development,” he says. “I have come a tremendous distance during this time.” Read More

Mihaylo College graduates celebrate their commencement in May 2017.For hundreds of Mihaylo College seniors and graduate students, next month’s annual CSUF commencement will mark the completion of a personal and professional milestone. Here is a guide to what the class of 2018 needs to know to participate in the university-wide and college-specific ceremonies on the weekend of May 18-20.

Mihaylo College Grads Walk on May 19

All Mihaylo College students will receive their certificates and shake hands with their department chairs on Saturday, May 19.  There will be two ceremonies — one at 8 a.m. and one at 5 p.m. Which one you go to depends on your major and concentration (see below). Both ceremonies start at Titan Track and continue on to the Intramural Field. Read More

As business students, we have a shocking amount of options when it comes to choosing a field to specialize in when we graduate. Making a decision on what major or concentration to choose can certainly be a daunting task.

Every year, the Bureau of Labor Statistics releases the newest data on projected job growth in its Occupational Outlook Handbook. In the simplest terms, this information projects which jobs are expected to grow in the coming years, giving us what we need to know to make better career decisions. This year’s list highlighted several jobs that seem to align well with students who are working toward their degrees in business administration here at Mihaylo College.

So before you have a meltdown about not knowing what you should do with your life, check out this list of what the Bureau of Labor Statistics has determined are the hottest jobs of 2018. And then once you’re done reading, go visit the advisers at the Mihaylo Career Center. They’re the experts!

These are just a few of the jobs the Occupational Outlook Handbook suggests you can land with your bachelor’s degree in business administration:  Read More