Trevor Laudate and Blake Ruschman, alumni of Mihaylo College's ASAP program and founders of Side Skirt Ads.

Trevor Laudate (left) and Blake Ruschman have high hopes for SideSkirt Ads. “Our vision is to provide nationwide exposure for both large brands and smaller companies seeking to expand their presence.”

It seems like advertising is omnipresent in today’s society, but Mihaylo College finance alumni Blake Ruschman ’17 and Trevor Laudate ’17 recognized one prime location for ad space that had yet to be tapped: truck trailer skirts. The two have founded SideSkirt Ads, which connects businesses and causes seeking to reach larger audiences with trucking companies hoping for an auxiliary revenue source.

Next time you are stuck in traffic during your Southern California commute, take a look at the side skirts of the eighteen-wheeler in the next lane, and you might see a public service message to avoid drunk driving or a logo reminding you of your favorite coffee brand. The novel spot to reach audiences is the brainchild of Blake Ruschman ’17 and Trevor Laudate ’17, both Mihaylo finance alumni and grads of the college’s Applied Security Analysis Program (ASAP).

The two entrepreneurs, who met during their first week at Mihaylo College through Phi Kappa Tau fraternity, say SideSkirt Ads is not their first concept, but it has the greatest potential for success and innovation. “We saw the white space on the skirts as an actual white space in the outdoor advertising industry,” they say. “You are often told to look where no one else is looking when creating a business. But ironically enough, we are focusing where everyone is looking! Side skirts sit within inches of thousands of consumers who are on the road each day. With more than 50 square feet per skirt of eye-level open space per truck, this provides unmatched exposure.”

Getting the Concept on the Road

Having launched in January, finding clients is still an outbound process for SideSkirt Ads. “We’ve been focused on getting creative in our sales strategy,” says Ruschman. “A lot of our time is spent educating consumers on our platform and the process takes anywhere from a couple of weeks to a month, depending on the campaign size. We work closely with our clients to determine the most strategic markets for their campaigns, either regionally or nationally.” Read More

Mihaylo College students interned at The Safariland Group in spring 2018.This spring semester, a group of Mihaylo College undergraduate operations and supply chain seniors interned at The Safariland Group, an Ontario, California-based manufacturer of law enforcement protection products founded and owned by alumnus and donor Scott O’Brien ’77. This capstone course was developed by the CSUF Operations and Supply Chain Management professional board to give students applied experience in lean operations.

Students share the highlights of their internship experience, how it dovetailed with their academic program and the impact on their career objectives.

What encouraged you to take this internship with Safariland?

Jeff Burton ’18: I wanted to apply what I learned in the classroom to a real business scenario and gain experience and a deeper understanding of operations and the supply chain in a large-scale business application. My goals were to work with a team to achieve supply chain process improvement and see real-time results. The most important objective for me was to give as much of my input and effort toward our team’s project that I could possibly give during our meeting days. It succeeded in meeting these expectations with the impact that we made and what our team accomplished. Read More

Coffee lovers, unite! The Fullerton area is filled to the brim with great coffee shops, and we’re spilling the beans on which ones are our favorites. No, I’m not talking about the Starbucks in Mihaylo. These coffee shops serve up more than just your regular cup of Joe. They offer latte art, decadent pastries, and a comfortable place to sit and get some work done.

Plan your caffeine schedule accordingly, because you’ll want to visit all six of these coffee shops near Cal State Fullerton before the end of the week.

1. Bodhi Leaf Coffee Traders

If you watch the television show “The Profit,” you might have heard of this place before.

Bodhi Leaf’s original location is in Orange, but this incredibly popular café opened up another shop in Placentia last year. And it is only a few streets away from campus!

At Bodhi Leaf, you can enjoy high-quality specialty coffee at a reasonable price. They pride themselves on providing a farm-to-cup experience, roasting the coffee beans daily at their warehouse in Orange. Customers love the rustic décor and warm atmosphere, but not as much as they love the drinks.

Pour-overs are a popular choice at Bodhi, especially among the more distinguished coffee drinkers. It is a cleaner, more refined cup of coffee than you would get at your usual chain. And for those who prefer espresso drinks, the lattes are strong in flavor, and not too sweet.

Go here for: the pour-overs.  Read More

Vic Hausmaninger '64, founding partner of Orange County-based HBLA Certified Public Accountants Inc. and an active alumnus of Cal State Fullerton's business program.

“It might come as a surprise that I don’t like accounting; I like business,” says Vic Hausmaninger ’64. Photo from HBLA

For more than 50 years, Vic Hausmaninger ’64 (accounting and finance) has been a leader in supporting Mihaylo College’s business program, serving as the founding president of the Executive Council, a member of the Accounting Advisory Board and the President’s Advisory Board, and representing the college in the business community. He is part of the Mihaylo College/Orange County Business Council committee that sponsors the annual Woods Center for Economic Analysis and Forecasting Economic Forecast, utilizing the research of the center and attended by leading business executives from throughout Southern California.

Hausmaninger is the founding partner of HBLA Certified Public Accountants Inc., an Irvine-based CPA firm offering business advisory and consulting services, strategic financial planning, executive mentoring, auditing, tax support, and tax planning and compliance services.

He discusses his commitment to his alma mater, his accounting career, and advice for students and recent grads on getting started and giving back

How is your personal story connected with your desire to give back?

My family and I were immigrants from Austria, who came to the United States a decade after World War II. When we arrived in Anaheim, we had very little earthly belongings and most essentials, including clothing and furniture, were donated to us. I am sure you can understand that, as I look back, I am very appreciative of America and the opportunities it has provided for me and my family.  Read More

Katherine Gwaltney ’18 (marketing) and Rachel Herzog ’18 (entrepreneurship) will address graduating Mihaylo College students at commencement this Saturday.

Graduating seniors Katherine Gwaltney ’18 (marketing) and Rachel Herzog ’18 (entrepreneurship) look back on their years at Mihaylo College as a time of forging career paths, actively engaging in student organizations, achieving academic excellence and making a positive impact on the lives of other Titans.

With advice and inspiration for the class of 2018, Gwaltney will address students at the 8 a.m. ceremony, while Herzog while speak at the 5 p.m. event.

Katherine Gwaltney '18, one of the two commencement speakers at the 2018 Mihaylo College at CSUF graduation. Katherine Gwaltney ’18: From Titan to Tech Companies

Gwaltney, who will begin an account executive role at Google Inc. in Ann Arbor, Michigan in July, held an enterprise account development manager intern role with Adobe in the San Francisco Bay Area last summer. She has been active on campus with Associated Students Inc. (ASI), the American Marketing Association and Zeta Tau Alpha, as well as serving as a senior resident advisor.

Drawn to the innovation of the tech companies, her Adobe internship played a pivotal role in helping Gwaltney identify her career aspirations. “At the end of my internship, I was sure I wanted to do marketing or B2B sales at a tech company but was unsure of how this would play out,” she says. “I quickly found that I would need to be one of the hardest-working people in the room to stand out. The learning curve was huge! I also saw how relationship-building is at the core of business.” Read More

Side view of Mihaylo College building and fountainMihaylo College has launched a new marketing minor, which provides insights into the research, communications, product development and delivery that is the lifeblood of contemporary organizations. Launching in fall 2018, the program will expand the focus of business majors of other concentrations and provide a strong marketing background for students from other colleges.

According to the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, careers in marketing are a growth area in the American economy, expected to yield high-paying and enriching positions that will form an essential function in companies and organizations across all industries. The need for marketing education is even more apparent when considering that, regardless of career path, all professionals must market their personal brand.

With a minor from Mihaylo College’s Department of Marketing, which will debut in fall 2018, students will pursue specializations in general marketing, digital marketing, global marketing, creative marketing, psychology and marketing, and social sector marketing, providing a foundation that dovetails with many fields of study and can be customized to meet individual professional objectives.

All students will take an introductory MKTG 351 – Principles of Marketing course, which will be supplemented with four electives or a four-course specialization. A list of specializations appears below. Read More

Each of the 1,300 Mihaylo College students graduating this month have a story and impact all their own, part of the diversity that makes Cal State Fullerton special. A few of the business students of the class of 2018 share some thoughts to inspire and challenge their fellow graduates, as well as students who may have a few years to go before they don their caps and gowns.

Annalei Marshall ’18, a Mihaylo College finance graduate.Annalei Marshall ’18

A finance graduate, Marshall is a ticket sales and service agent for The Walt Disney Company, one of many Mihaylo College students to gain professional development from Orange County’s largest employer.

At age 18, my mom encouraged me to fly to California from Seattle to follow my dreams.

In the middle of midterms during my freshman year, I gave birth to our beautiful daughter, Liana. Whether or not you had a child while in college, this principle is always true: You can’t be successful without the love and support of others. Read More

Speakers from Tesla visit Mihaylo College at Cal State Fullerton on April 25, 2018.

Mihaylo College marketing grad Evan Brannigan ’13 (standing at left) told students that, as a delivery manager for Tesla’s Costa Mesa location, he appreciates the innovation of the cutting-edge auto and clean energy company. “I love that it’s always changing and there’s always new problems to solve.”

Want to work for a growing and innovative company? From the world’s largest fleet of electric cars to sustainable energy solutions for property owners, Palo Alto-based Tesla Inc. is a leader in creating an eco-system of cutting-edge products for today’s consumers. Recruiters for entry-level sales and customer service positions with the company, two of whom are Mihaylo College alumni, visited campus on April 25, seeking talent from the business college’s diverse student body.

For marketing alumnus Evan Brannigan ’13 and entertainment and hospitality grad Kim Wong ’12, the transformative mission of Tesla Inc. prompted them to seek careers with the Silicon Valley startup founded by business magnate Elon Musk. Brannigan, now delivery manager for Tesla’s Costa Mesa location, and Wong, recruiter for the company’s positions in Southern California and Hawaii, returned to campus on April 25 to encourage students to look to their employer for a versatile and flexible career path, beginning with entry-level, sales-related roles. The event was sponsored by Mihaylo Career Services.

“Tesla’s plan is to transform the world with sustainable energy,” said Brannigan, who noted that the company has succeeded in staking out a presence in a field where many have failed due to the barriers to entry. “We started on the high-end, where it was much easier to get started with sustainable transport, though we are now moving in to the middle-income market, with a $35,000 car coming out later this year.”

To thrive as a Tesla team member, motivation, flexibility and prior customer service experience are critical, but most vital is passion for the company’s vision. “Everyone who works here wants to be a part of this change that is transforming the industry,” said Wong. “I love business students because they step right in and come up with solutions for problems, which is what we are looking for at Tesla.” Read More

Mihaylo College Center for Leadership Director Jay Barbuto speaks at the seventh annual Center for Leadership Awards.

Center for Leadership Director Jay Barbuto addresses honorees and guests at the Center for Leadership Awards Luncheon on May 4. The annual event honors local businesses and professionals for their commitment to corporate leadership.

C-suite officials from Smart Energy Water, PIMCO, Ytel and Titan Industries were recognized for their executive leadership, while Disneyland Resort and Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar were feted for their leadership development initiatives at the seventh annual Center for Leadership Awards Luncheon on May 4.

More than 340 Southern California business leaders, Mihaylo College students and faculty, and friends of Cal State Fullerton gathered at the Hotel Irvine on May 4 to celebrate some of the region’s innovative, engaging and socially responsible visionaries, both on the individual and corporate levels.

Recipients of the Excellence in Executive Leadership Award

Deepak Garg, founder, chairman and CEO of Smart Energy Water, has utilized big data and a mobile workforce to create a cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform for the energy and utilities sector. He was recognized for his company’s rapid growth from its founding in 2009 to its current status as a more than $500 million company. Read More

The Magargee family, owners of Light Pole Systems

The Magargees say working with a consulting team from Mihaylo College’s Small Business Institute was crucial to the establishment of their business. “The largest benefit we saw from working with the team was an outside perspective that brought in ideas that we may not have seen,” says Kurtis Magargee (right).

Father and son entrepreneurs Paul Magargee ’86 and Kurtis Magargee ’14 founded Light Pole Systems Inc., a leader in providing products and services to prevent copper wire theft and assure parking lot owners that their light poles have staying power. Kurtis discusses the passion and vision behind their concept and opportunities in the Southern California entrepreneurship and manufacturing fields.

When Kurtis Magargee ’14 (entrepreneurship) walks or drives through a parking lot, he thinks of the liability that poorly-protected light poles are to property owners and how his family’s startup, Light Pole Systems Inc., can assist. From copper wire theft to corrosion, institutions ranging from the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) to small strip malls have experienced light pole-related losses and turned to Magargee’s company for solutions.

The Placentia-based business manufactures and distributes locking hand hole covers to thwart copper wire theft, a pole repair kit to eliminate the danger of falling poles, stylish base covers and anchor bolt adaptors. They also provide inspection and consulting services, which are used by major institutions, such as LAUSD and the Moreno Valley Unified School District, to identify the need for light pole maintenance.

“Most property owners don’t look at their light poles,” says Magargee. “But when a rusted pole falls, it can cause damage to property or injury to pedestrians. Our customers are increasingly installing repair kits on every pole in a lot, so they do not have to worry about rusted poles again.” Read More