John Bradley Jackson, director of Cal State Fullerton's Center for Entrepreneurship

John Bradley Jackson

Now that the Orange County economy has largely reopened, many economists feel optimistic that growth will continue in coming months. There are still concerns about inflation and the possibility of real estate bubbles, and continued uncertainty around COVID-19. But experts are more optimistic than they have been in a while.

John Bradley Jackson, director of the Cal State Fullerton Center for Entrepreneurship, told the Daily Pilot that while the future may be hopeful, it will be different, with the business world looking significantly different from its pre-pandemic form.

Looking ahead to teaching a new generation of entrepreneurs this fall, Jackson says he plans to challenge them to become problem-solvers in the new environment: “Rather than just reverting back, what can we do different? … I think a lot of new ideas have been percolating. I think a Phoenix will arise from the ashes.”

Jackson is betting that entrepreneurial students will be eager to solve perceived challenges and deficiencies, having lived through nearly two years of hardship and disruption. And the need to improvise during the pandemic may spark an interest in startups and innovation.

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