CSUF's Meng Hall With registration dates coming next month, we are near the timeframe to conditionally declare a concentration. Picking a concentration marks the halfway point to completing our degrees. Once we declare, we begin taking courses suited to our chosen concentration and learn more about our interests. CSUF has more than 15 different concentrations ranging from accounting to management, and you may join two concentrations together; with so many options, it can be difficult to choose. Business Undergraduate Advisor Brittany Lane provides guidance for choosing your concentration, how to change it, and other frequently asked questions:

What would your advice be for individuals completely unsure of their concentration?

The Career and Concentration Exploration resources through Business Career Services (https://business.fullerton.edu/Career-Services/CareerExploration) are a great place to start. As you continue working through your required core business courses, think about what subjects you enjoy most. This is usually a great indicator of what concentration would be a good fit for you.

What is the process to declare a concentration?

Students are eligible to declare a concentration once the lower-division business core courses are successfully completed with grades C (2.0) or higher. Reference your Titan Degree Audit for your lower division business core requirements. Once eligible to declare, complete the Business Ethics Quiz with a score of 12 or higher (https://business.fullerton.edu/Programs/Undergraduate/Advising/Ethics), then submit the online Major/Minor Change Form with the concentration of your choice.

What about conditionally declaring a concentration?

If you are taking your last lower-division core courses in the fall semester, you may conditionally declare your concentration in October. If you are taking your last lower-division core courses in the spring semester, you may conditionally declare your concentration in March. Conditional declarations are contingent upon the successful completion of your required courses at the end of the semester. Conditional declarations are not available in the winter and summer.

What if students are interested in two concentrations? What are the best strategies for managing those class schedules?  

You may pursue more than one concentration so long as there are a minimum of 18 unique and distinct units earned for each concentration, and the concentrations are from separate disciplines; for example, you cannot concentrate in general management and human resources management. The best way to manage scheduling is to mix courses from both concentrations each semester for the most variety of subject matter.

Is it too late to change your concentration as a senior? What would be the best advice to an individual at that point?

No, it’s not too late. After you have declared your concentration, you may change at any time. Just note if you have already completed courses for the previous concentration, the change may set you back a bit.

What is the process to change concentrations?

After you have declared your concentration, you may change at any time by submitting an online Major/Minor Change Form (http://records.fullerton.edu/resources/majorminorform.php). Be sure to meet with a business advisor if you have any questions about the requirements of your new concentration.


What are the benefits or drawbacks of joint and double concentrations?

Completing two concentrations will allow you to learn the full depth and breadth of each area of business but will take longer to complete. A joint emphasis blends a few courses from each area of study. It will not be as many classes as a double concentration, but will not encompass the full study of both areas. We recommend checking in with Business Career Services to see if these paths align with your career goals.

As you go through your concentration process, be sure to meet with a business advisor to work out your next classpath. It is OK to change your mind, and you can do so at any time, just make sure to work with an advisor to help craft your schedule.