Gamze Cetin, a Turkish German who attended CSUF as an international student, in Dusseldorf

Gamze Cetin, a Turkish German, in Dusseldorf

While a student at Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf in her native Germany, Gamze Cetin spent a year abroad at Cal State Fullerton’s business college in 2016-2017, gaining firsthand knowledge of the U.S. business culture. She was among the nearly 1,000 international students, representing every inhabited continent, who gained a business education at the College of Business and Economics each year in pre-COVID times

Today, Cetin works in risk and reputation and data management services for Deloitte Deutschland in Düsseldorf. And though a graduate of Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf, she maintains strong ties to CSUF, recognizing the importance of her Fullerton experience in her preparation to compete in today’s global business environment.

“I always wanted to study abroad, especially in the U.S. One day, I decided to just do it and live the dream I always had. An amazing adventure began with enrolling at CSUF,” recalls Cetin. “I took a lot of seminars and classes that were acknowledged at my college in Germany. I completed a part of my studies at Cal State Fullerton, which was incredibly precious.”

Immersion in the Titan Experience

From her first day on campus at Cal State Fullerton, Cetin felt welcome and motivated to connect with the community’s diversity. Her strongest memory of that first day is getting a hug from Tuffy, the university’s elephantine mascot.

“I truly appreciated and enjoyed every minute being a Titan and will never forget that loving hug of Tuffy!,” says Cetin. “If you’re studying abroad at CSUF, please give Tuffy a big hug from me,” says Cetin.

Whether studying at CSUF as an international student or a local resident, Cetin sees participation as essential to maximizing time on campus.

“The events on campus and all the student interaction inspired and motivated me every day. Everyone gave me the feeling that I was a part of the huge Titan family,” she says.

“Be actively involved in events and get connected with as many Titans as you can,” advises Cetin. “It is so great to be surrounded by a range of diverse people. For me, one of the best feelings was to have a wonderful community.”

The Rheinturm in Dusseldorf

A look at the Rheinturm, an iconic 789-foot concrete tower in Dusseldorf with an observation deck featuring spectacular views of the metro area of more than 11 million residents. Photo by Gamze Cetin

An Accounting Career in Germany – With an Eye On the U.S.

Back in Germany, Cetin devotes her time to building her accounting career at Deloitte, where she says soft skills are just as vital as technical knowledge.

“Regarding my role in risk and reputation, there are different duties, and solving problems in order to satisfy the needs of our clients is one of the main responsibilities within my work,” she says. “I give my best daily and try to make a lasting impact. Awareness and self-discipline are highly important. These attitudes and mindset are as important as expert knowledge.”

Cetin’s experience at CSUF reinforced her desire to explore her world.

“My dream is to move to a different country and to work abroad. Thus, in the following years, I see myself in a foreign country working for a big international company. I would love to work and live in California or New York,” she says.

Best wishes to Gamze Cetin and all of our current and former international students!