a work from home setup including laptop, cell phone and notepadEight months ago, it was supposed to be a temporary measure: work from home while the coronavirus pandemic raged on. But months later, as normality proves elusive, more and more employees are being offered a perk that would have been unthinkable just one year ago – permanent work-from-home opportunities.

Working at home allows more and more employees to leave central cities and move to far-flung suburbs, or even smaller metro areas hundreds or thousands of miles away. And it’s creating a sea change in time-honored company cultures, in which workers no longer see their colleagues and bosses face-to-face (except for Zoom).

But should an employee working for a San Francisco Bay Area company make the same wage when they move to lower-cost Nevada or Arizona?

It’s a challenge that tech companies, which are leading the way in the work-from-home revolution, are grappling with. Facebook, Twitter, VMware, Stripe and ChowNow are among the firms considering salary adjustments, depending on where their workers choose to live in a remote work format.

Tech companies are often bellwethers for other industries, so permanent work from home – and the related salary questions – could well be a part of your future.

Will work from home make high-end industries more geographically open? Will it be fair to workers who might be paid less than if they worked in glitzy downtowns?

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