CSUF campus walkwayBeginnings are the way everything starts in the world, whether it’s with school, a relationship, a new job or anything in between. Being a beginner is different for everyone. When doing something for the first time, there may be feelings of hesitation and fear of failing at the task, leading to not starting it at all. So, what are some ways to ease yourself into starting the process? Puttylike mentions a few tips on how to be a beginner:

Focus on Doing a Little Often

Small steps every day are easier than trying to complete a project nonstop for hours. You can dedicate more time to learning about each step, which will result in a better understanding of the task in the long run. Working slowly also relieves the pressure of deadlines and allows for a discovery-based experience versus just crossing it off the to-do list. The consistency of working in increments will build a good habit allowing for effective retainment of the task.

Be Gentle With Yourself

Trying something new is inevitably going to come with frustration due to a lack of knowledge. You have to remind yourself that you are still going through the process and doing your best to get it done. The expertise and skill will eventually be learned if you keep at it; so, being good to yourself during the rough patches is very important. Self-care doesn’t pause when you take on a new challenge.

Keep a Journal

Depending on what the task relates to, you may want to keep a record of the good and the bad days during your journey. If it is starting a new business, you can reflect on your mistakes and document the wins as they come. Even with a new skill you can say what worked the best and what didn’t to potentially teach someone else. This will also give you motivation to keep at your skill, as you will be writing it down consistently and have a record of your progress.

Share the Experience

Support is a major factor in succeeding in life. Seek advice or help from those around you while you navigate this new experience; chances are, they may have some valuable insight you may have not known about. At the same time, taking photos and posting about it may inspire you to keep going on the days that are difficult and those around you hype up your progress.

Celebrate the Small Wins

Did you finally figure out part of that skill that you were struggling with? A small celebration would be a great way to motivate you to continue. These small steps will add up eventually to the final result, so celebrating successes large and small is important. Get some close friends together, unwind with your achievement and get ready to keep at it with the next step.

Reminding yourself that everyone starts off somewhere is a great way to take that first step. Believe in yourself and your capabilities to learn something new. You never know until you try.