current student members of the CSUF sales leadership center Students throughout the Cal State University system will have new opportunities to hone their sales skills thanks to the California State Universities Sales Competition, a collaborative effort between the sales education centers at Cal State Fullerton, Chico State, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and Cal State Los Angeles.

The inaugural event, scheduled for Nov. 12-13, 2020, as a virtual forum, will be hosted by Chico State and include both individual and team competitions. The top three individual and institutional contestants will be awarded scholarships topping out at $5,000 and $10,000, respectively.

As one of the founding universities, Cal State Fullerton may send 10 student contestants to the competition, and non-founding schools that will also send students will send five.

“The competition provides real-world sales experiences to CSUF students and widens opportunities and exposure to companies not available locally,” says Brad Anderson, director of Cal State Fullerton’s Sales Leadership Center. “The multi-university competition also broadens CSUF’s exposure to businesses not familiar with our students and programs. Fullerton’s strong reputation as a Sales Education Foundation Best Sales School will be at the forefront as businesses see talent from our school.”

Putting a Sales Education to Work, In More Ways Than One

Participants will receive a case study or scenario from UNUM, the sponsoring company, for each of the two days of the competition. On the first day, students will compete individually with presentations to UNUM buyers, who will follow a recognized industry rubric for scoring. The original sponsors of the event will be the judges for the competition.

On the second day, students will compete as university teams in front of sponsor judges with a similar grading method.

Students will also participate in a Meet the Company virtual career fair, and companies may invite non-competitor students to a modified version of the networking event.

“CSUF competitors were selected based on their articulation, experience with the Sales Leadership Center, attendance at hosted events and previous sales competition experience,” says Anderson. “They will research UNUM and the services offered in the case study scenario working individually and in teams to coordinate their findings, compare notes and then practice the role play. They will learn to cooperate and compete at the same time.”

For More on the Sales Leadership Center

Cal State Fullerton’s Sales Leadership Center has opportunities for Titans of all majors; these activities include academic minor and certificate programs focused on sales skills; regular sales competitions; workshops; career fairs; and leadership opportunities.

Sales skills are invaluable to all students, whether or not a sales career is your goal: You will need to sell yourself in your career, no matter your field.

For more information, reach out to center director Brad Anderson at Or read more of our articles on sales leadership.