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Whether you are a 2020 graduate or are a few years from earning your bachelor’s degree, it is important to stay career-focused, though your opportunities might be a bit different right now as coronavirus continues to impact the economy, even as lockdowns ease.

Gloria Rodriguez, undergraduate career advisor at Mihaylo Career Services, a career advising center specific to Cal State Fullerton business students and recent alumni, shares five tips on how to stay focused on your career goals during this time:

  1. Develop a Plan of Action

Set a timetable of ambitious but achievable goals, such as applying to a certain number of jobs or internships, establishing two or three professional relationships on LinkedIn, contacting a recruiter, finding out about an industry, or developing a skill you know you’ll use in the future. Know what you want to accomplish tomorrow, next week and next month.

  1. Network

You may not be able to meet with contacts face-to-face, but that doesn’t mean you can’t network, and it’s more important than ever, since the majority of jobs are never advertised online. People find them through friends, acquaintances and professionals they know. Reach out to people on LinkedIn (it is easier to do than ever, because many people aren’t as busy as usual since they are working from home more), join a virtual event with employers you’re interested in working for, or take part in a virtual career fair. Connect with as many people as you can!

  1. Prioritize Your Targets

Spend time identifying some job search targets based on your interests and best fit for you, so you can strategically move through the job search process when you start applying.

  1. Update Your Résumé

Include the additional skills and knowledge you’ve gained from your classes this past year, or any new experiences you’ve had on the job. And it’s a great time to write strong cover letters, too.

  1. Don’t Halt Your Job or Internship Search

Unemployment may be at economic depression levels across most of the United States, but employers are still hiring for jobs and internships, and the unique nature of the present crisis means that hiring may pick up a lot quicker than after most recessions. Be proactive and don’t give up! Utilize tools such as Titan Connection, LinkedIn, Indeed and Handshake, a new forum available exclusively through Mihaylo Career Services, to find opportunities. Mihaylo Career Services is there to help every step of the way!

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Find out more about the career resources available exclusively to Cal State Fullerton’s business students through Mihaylo Career Services.