CSUF alumna Channing Hussey

Channing Hussey

Wealth management – the branch of finance specializing in sustaining long-term wealth growth – is the career path of Cal State Fullerton business administration – economics emphasis graduate Channing Hussey ’08, who directs operations and is a principal at Private Ocean Wealth Management in Marin County.

“The wealth management industry is at a unique crossroads in its history. It is simultaneously seeing a mass exodus of advisors who are reaching retirement age and breaking new ground in its diversity and inclusion efforts,” says Channing, who was honored as one of the North Bay Business Journal’s 40 Under 40 honorees in May 2020. “There is definitely a need and a great opportunity right now for young professionals to help shape the future of financial services.”

When asked about her time at Cal State Fullerton, she says, “Some of the highlights of my student experience included building a strong network of friends, made up of both students and student leaders, which led to lasting personal and professional relationships.

“I graduated the year before the new business school building was finished, and there was a lot of brainstorming with my colleagues on how this new building would deliver on student needs. I appreciated the school’s commitment to providing ongoing improvements to the infrastructure, including new dorms and parking areas.”

Through her career journey, Hussey looks back on the support of others as being integral to her success.

“A career isn’t built alone, and mine certainly reflects that,” she says. “From the first attorney to give me a chance to be his assistant, or my stepfather pushing me so hard on how I communicate at the dinner table, I’ve been surrounded my whole life by strong leaders – a majority being male advocates. I have had an enormous amount of people give me opportunities and provide coaching and feedback to help in my growth.”

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