Students at a job fair at Steven G. Mihaylo HallAs the economy attempts to rebound from the coronavirus pandemic, in-person gatherings are still banned or not advised, and many companies and organizations are turning to virtual job fairs to recruit candidates.

Despite the virtual format, the goal is the same as with in-person career fairs: connecting workers with prospective employers.

What constitutes a virtual job fair varies greatly. It can be as simple as an online list of employers who are hiring or links to a virtual booth complete with video chat and specific information on positions.

Generally, expect a more complex registration process for involved fairs, such as those with video chat, including the possibility of scheduling meeting times with employers in advance.

How to Prepare for Success

Regardless of format, preparation is crucial, which includes knowing the companies attending and ensuring that they are indeed looking for candidates for positions near where you live.

Being ready and prepared in case you end up in a live chat or video conference with a prospective employer.

What if a virtual fair doesn’t land you a new job? It’s still great to attend and invest the time in participating because you’ll learn more about the employers that are hiring and be prepared for your next fair or interview.

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