two students walking on Titan Walk

Spring 2020 has been different for all of us in the way we learn and communicate with one another. We now utilize emails more than ever to ask our professors questions about assignments and the curriculum. It is important to know how to reach out to them efficiently and effectively to voice your needs. Here are a few tips on how to communicate with professors:

Explain Your Situation

During this pandemic, we all struggle to adjust, and for some students, there are varying difficulties with living at home. Professors are here to support us even if they are doing it virtually, so telling them what may be inhibiting your learning is vital to your success. They will likely be understanding and express potential options to accommodate your situation. 

Know How to Email

Emails may seem simple and easy to send, but when communicating with faculty, it is important to have proper etiquette. Begin with an introductory statement and follow with your inquiry, then end with a polite closing. It is more formal than a traditional conversation, so making sure to get to the point right away and keeping it concise is very important. 

Letters of Recommendation

It’s still a good time to request references from your professors and other administrators for grad school, internships, jobs and scholarships. Make the request with plenty of time for them to work on it. You should also include a list of your accomplishments for them to reference. Respond immediately to any questions they have or information they need and, of course, thank them when you receive it. 

Time Zones

There are many students who may be out of state and have returned home to a different time zone. If you are one of those individuals, it is important to tell your professors so they may accommodate or figure out a solution, and you won’t have to wake up at awful hours in the morning. 

Check In

Our faculty are also going through a difficult time. Check in with your professors and see how they are doing, as it will go a long way to show how much we appreciate them.

Overall, this pandemic has switched up the way we communicate with each other and it’s an opportunity to grow, even with the difficulties it has brought. Reach out and get the information you need to be successful.