Cover of Ryan Gottfredson's bestselling book Success Mindsets

Success Mindsets: Your Keys to Unlocking Greater Success in Your Life, Work & Leadership, a new book by Cal State Fullerton Assistant Professor of Management Ryan Gottfredson, officially launched on May 5 and is already listed among the bestsellers in USA Today and The Wall Street Journal for the last full week of April 2020.

Available as an ebook and audiobook for the past three months before being released as a paperback, the 252-page work, published by Morgan James Publishing, provides a research-based look at how having the right mindsets can transform personal and professional life and leadership, and how these successes can be achieved.

“People are resonating with this book because they are coming to understand what I am trying to articulate: Our mindsets are foundational to everything we can do,” says Gottfredson. “If we can improve our mindsets, we can improve not only our thinking, our learning and our behavior, but also our success across our lives, our work and our leadership.”

Topping the Charts

The USA Today 150 best-selling books for the week ending April 26 ranked Success Mindsets at 75th place, the first week it had achieved a listing. It was among the most highly ranked business or personal-development titles of the week.

Why is Gottfredson’s book so popular? The author has some theories.

“There is a lot of good mindset material out there, but I believe my book is the most comprehensive and research-backed book on mindsets to date,” says Gottfredson. “I’m hearing from readers that it is causing them to do the deepest introspective dive they have ever done. It is enhancing their self-awareness and empowering them to reach their goals.”

For More Information

In additional to Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, and most retailers, Gottfredson’s book is also available on his personal website, where it can be ordered in paperback, ebook or audiobook format, with exclusive book release bonuses.

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