Students walking on Cal State Fullerton campus holding handsWith finals around the corner during a global pandemic, it has been a difficult semester for Titans. Our motivation, discipline and mental health have been tested in new ways. These last two weeks before finals are the most important in our semester, but we have to also take care of ourselves to perform the best we can. How do we stay sane during finals? There are several ways to enhance your studying and self-care: 


We all remember when we first started college and the feeling of accomplishment for making it to Cal State Fullerton. Use that motivation to get you through this time of uncertainty. You may have a seemingly endless amount of deadlines, but they are there to keep you on track toward reaching your future goals. Remind yourself of your “why” and use it as your biggest motivator. 

Procrastination Elimination

With Netflix, social media and our kitchen at our finger tips, we have to remember that we still have a few weeks left of school. Procrastinating may be the more fun idea while in quarantine, but those late nights before exams are going to be just as bad as they would be if you were headed to campus. Avoid leaving your assignments for the last minute, and instead, use your extra time to space out your studying so that you don’t feel overwhelmed. 

Study Buddies

Who says we can’t still study with our friends? If you learn better in a group setting, hop on a Zoom call with some of your classmates for a study date. Together, you can virtually review flashcards, share screens, test each other and so much more. It may be a little different than what we are used to, but it will bring collaboration back to your study sessions.

Manage Your Stress

During the COVID-19 crisis, our lives have been turned a bit upside down, and our stress levels have risen over the past few weeks. Don’t forget to check in with yourself and make sure you are not overworking. Being burnt out going into finals isn’t going to benefit you or your grades, so take the time to work breaks into your studying. Take a walk, call a friend, bake a goodie, or anything else you enjoy to de-stress in the middle of your study sessions. You may not think you have enough time with so many deadlines, but it will make you that much more productive to be able to think with a clear head.

Self-care equals best care

In addition to managing your stress, you must also designate enough time to your own self-care. Make sure you are consistently doing the things you love and also checking in on your mental and physical health. Journaling, meditating or exercising are some ways to keep yourself grounded despite the deadlines looming around you. You are your first priority, and do not forget that when you are studying.

Reach Out

Everyone knows this is a difficult time, so even if you are hesitant to reach out for help, it may be the best decision for you right now. The multiple resource centers at CSUF and Mihaylo College are here to support us during the stressful weeks, so take advantage of what they have to offer if you need assistance. Reach out to your friends, loved ones, mentors, family and anyone else in your support system when you are feeling overwhelmed. The key is to initiate communication with those individuals so they may help you. 

Overall, we know spring 2020 has been the toughest semester yet at Cal State Fullerton. Despite that fact, we will come out of this pandemic stronger and more united than we have ever been. Keep going strong Titans, you got this!

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