Students walking under Cal State Fullerton's entrance

Photo by Sonya DeBerry

During this tumultuous period in our lives, resilience is one of the most important traits a student can add to daily life. Whether it is in your work or personal life, resilience, which is the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties, will lead you to a more stable lifestyle. Here are five tips to becoming resilient, according to the American Psychological Association:

  1. Rely on relationships. Reach out to your loved ones and friends to keep you grounded; it will help you ease tension and stress. Contact a loved one – maybe a cousin or friend from high school – who you haven’t spoken to in a while. It feels good to reopen relationships, crack up to some old inside jokes, or to share “stay-at-home” stories with a loved one.
  2. Embrace change as healthy. Change is often not expected because we get comfortable with the way life is going. We get used to routines and deadlines. Embracing the fact that things are going to change and not worrying too much about the things you can’t control will help ease your mind and quell anxiety.
  3. Make daily goals you can check off. There is a lot of satisfaction in being able to track your progress and reminding yourself of the things you can control versus those you cannot. Create a short list of things you want to get done today, and as you finish each item, put a line through it. Focusing on the things you want to get done and finishing them is a great way to make you feel accomplished at the end of your day.
  4. Let yourself feel. It’s natural to want to put up a tough front so others don’t see that you’re having a hard time dealing with things, but you have the right to be worried and fearful during uncertain times. Feeling and accepting these strong emotions will actually help you process them. Don’t push them down because they will always find a way out. It helps to talk about these feelings with a trusted friend or loved one.
  5. Prioritize your mental and physical health. Use this time to work on yourself, both mentally and physically. Eating well and keeping your body moving will release needed endorphins to brighten your mood.

As students who are used to routine and frequent goals, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused huge changes in our lives. Take care of yourself and your friends and family during this trying time. We are in this together, Titans.