Quizlet is a free mobile app and website that allows anyone to create flashcard study guides to learn material from your classes. With the app, you may create flashcards in various modes, including traditional term/definition reviewing, multiple-choice tests, matching and games.

Quizlet was launched in 2005, and while predominantly present in high schools, it is now getting more popular with college students and allows users to customize the program for what they are using it for.

Let’s say you have an upcoming test. You can use Quizlet study aides on your phone or laptop, and the newly added collaborative mode allows friends to divide the tasks in creating a study set, which makes the process of creating a study guide faster.

The “learn” mode on the website adds an extra layer of studying with multiple-choice quizzes. If your answer is wrong, the card will reappear later to try again.

The “test” option on the app benefits learners as it creates a mock test similar to what you may be taking in the classroom. The user can pick any number of terms to appear on the test they create, customizing it with matching, write-in, multiple choice or true/false questions. The customizations allow for the variety of exam formats that teachers and professors choose for their courses.

Quizlet also offers game modes such as “Match” and “Gravity,” making studying more fun and interactive. With “Match,” you pair terms by dragging them onto one another with the goal of making them all disappear. In “Gravity,” you must match the term before an asteroid hits Earth, so essentially saving the planet by knowing your material. If you miss a term twice, you automatically get hit with the asteroid and destroy the planet. You can choose from easy, medium or hard, as well as answering with either the definition or term.

Another helpful element of Quizlet is the ease of access study sets others have created. You can search your subject and find related content, which may be helpful if you do not have time to create your own set.

Quizlet, which is available in the app stores for most mobile platforms, is a resource that helps students of all ages review for their courses. With midterms and finals seemingly always around the corner, you may want to give it a try sooner rather than later.