By Tiffany Cordon ’23

You have three papers to write, four midterms to study for,  a part time job, Halloween is in two days, and you have no costume—yet! Here are five quick and easy costume ideas so you don’t feel left out of all the Halloween festivities.

Identity Thief

This one is pretty simple. All you need are blank nametags, a sharpie, names of your friends, and a t-shirt. First, write out all the names of the identities you are “stealing” on those nametags. Next, put all of those nametags on the t-shirt. That’s it. And the best thing about this costume is it’s a great conversation starter.

A person in a Halloween costume with many identities displayed in name tags

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You’ve seen those people walking somewhat aimlessly down Hollywood boulevard with their fanny packs and cameras—they’re tourists. Why not use them as your costume idea? All you need is a lei, sunglasses, a fanny pack (essential), hat, and a camera. Add to all this a pair of comfortable hiking boots and all of a sudden you’re a tourist.

A person dressed up as a tourist for Halloween

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Business Ghost

Everyone knows that work is hard, especially when its spooky season and all you want is to eat candy while watching Halloweentown. For this costume all you need is a white bed sheet, a tie, and a pair of glasses. Or you can just drape yourself with the white bed sheet, make some holes for eyes and celebrate Halloween as a classic ghost.

A person dressed up as a business ghost for Halloween

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Traditionally, we are taught to keep away from jellyfish at our SoCal beaches as an encounter with this species of ocean life can be painful. But it’s Halloween, so let’s have some fun. All you need is a white umbrella, an adhesive like clear tape, and a white ball of yarn. Stick your adhesive to yard strips that are about your height onto the umbrella until you have no more space to do so. To add an extra flair, any battery-operated fairy lights will shine the night on your umbrella. You now are a jellyfish and can swing anyone around while they’re walking in the halls.

A person dressed up as a jellyfish for Halloween

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“Smartie” Pants

In the spirit of candy and Halloween, this Smarty Pants costume idea is here to combine both. Get a pair of jeans, a big bag of Smarties candies, and a roll of double-sided tape to begin the project. Stick the double sided tape onto a package of Smarties and place them on your jeans somewhat equally spaced. For some added effect on the “Smarty” vibe, you can carry around a book with you and add some fake glasses. Warning: this costume idea may not last long as sweet-toothed trick-or-treaters may be enticed to pull the candy from your jeans.

Have a great Halloween!