A student utilizes the iTuffy chatbot on his smartphone.

A Cal State Fullerton student using iTuffy on his smartphone.

As the largest Cal State campus by enrollment, CSUF serves a massive community of students, faculty and staff, and it is committed to using all of the technology tools at its disposal to ensure facts and information are available on demand across the campus community.

The latest manifestation is the iTuffy App, a chatbot available on both the Apple and Google Play app stores, on your student/faculty/staff portal, and accessible through Amazon Alexa assistants set up across campus. Just ask your question and high-tech Tuffy will be at your service with an answer!

New to campus and need to know where a building is? Ask iTuffy, which will generate a map and audio information.

What time does the Student Recreation Center close on a Friday evening? iTuffy is up to the task.

Forgot your CWID, the number you need to exist in the system in Titan country? iTuffy will give it to you – but without announcing it by audio, to ensure your privacy.

Even the campus directory, upcoming events, and your personalized class and finals schedule aren’t beyond iTuffy’s IQ!

Future generations of Titans might turn to an omniscient iTuffy for everything. In fact, maybe iTuffy will be your kids’ professor if they go to CSUF! OK, we are getting ahead of ourselves here.

But for now, there are some things that are just beyond iTuffy’s abilities. Such as:

  • The answers to your test questions – iTuffy won’t help you cheat!
  • Where your friends are on campus at a given time – Tuffy is too committed to protecting your privacy to divulge that info!
  • Attending mandatory class sessions for you. iTuffy is an app, silly! It’s not a physical entity. You’re going to have to go to class yourself.
  • And iTuffy isn’t multilingual. We might need to wait some years before Mandarin iTuffy debuts. Rumor has it that Spanish will be the first second language iTuffy learns!

And if you need campus police, call 911, don’t ask iTuffy. Remember, elephants don’t move fast enough!

For more information on iTuffy, check out the video and resource page maintained by the Division of Information Technology.