Mitchell Livy, Cal State Fullerton Mihaylo College assistant professor of economics.Since joining the Cal State Fullerton Mihaylo College faculty in 2015, Mitchell Livy has been committed to examining the world from an economics perspective – and engaging the next generation of young professionals to do the same.

The Ohio State University alumnus has research interests in environmental economics, land use, urban and regional economics, and resource economics, with a particular focus on their impact on local communities.

Livy discusses his motivation, research, teaching and advice on why students should consider careers in economics.

What encouraged you to become a professor of economics?

I was drawn to economics because of the logic embedded in the subject, and the applicability of economics tools to a range of issues. I wanted to become a professor so that I could help and engage students in this interesting subject. Economics research can inform policy and aid in decision-making.

What are some of your recent studies?

The paper “Intra-School District Capitalization of Property Tax Rates” examines the variation in housing prices resulting from differences in property tax rates, accounting for school districts. The results provide evidence that homeowners apply a discount rate near 3.5% when considering property tax rate differences. “The impact of intensity on perceived risk from unconventional shale gas development” investigates perceptions of shale gas development in Ohio using a choice experiment survey. The results indicate that residents are willing to pay to avoid shale development intensity and traffic.

Why should students major in economics?

The major offers significant flexibility in course choice and includes electives for a range of interests including banking, the environment, behavioral sciences and other fields. Economics majors develop the tools for a variety of career fields and earn one of the highest mean salaries of all undergraduate majors. I recommend students focus on a graduation plan and ensure they are working toward it when creating their schedule each semester.

What do you do on your free time?

My wife and I volunteer with a local dog rescue by fostering local and international dogs and helping place them with adoptive families. I have also enjoyed learning to surf since moving to California.

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