Vivek Mande, department chair of the Cal State Fullerton Department of Accounting and editor-in-chief of the Managerial Auditing Journal.

Vivek Mande, accounting professor and department chair, is the new editor-in-chief for the Managerial Auditing Journal.

Cal State Fullerton Accounting Professor and Department Chair Vivek Mande has been appointed editor-in-chief, Associate Professor of Accounting Jie Zhou is associate editor, and Assistant Professor Walied Keshk is on the editorial board for the Managerial Auditing Journal, a recognized accounting journal providing industry-specific content of interest to academic and professional leaders.

The Mihaylo College of Business and Economics faculty began their roles with the journal on Dec. 1, 2018, the first known instance in which CSUF faculty have received such significant representation in the editorial content of a top-ranked research journal. Previously, the journal’s lead editors were based at the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada.

Producing eight to nine issues annually, the journal highlights peer-reviewed qualitative and quantitative research studies, literature reviews and industry updates on national and global topics related to taxation, regulatory auditing, earnings management, audit effectiveness, and related fields.

Jie Zhou, CSUF associate professor of accounting and associate editor for the Managerial Auditing Journal.

Associate Professor of Accounting Jie Zhou, the new associate editor for the Managerial Auditing Journal.

In 2008, the Managerial Auditing Journal was the most frequently downloaded accounting journal among the 41 publications within this category, with an average of 22,000 monthly downloads. With a mission to provide actionable content for both researchers and industry practitioners, the journal is part of a growing trend to connect the academic and applied aspects of business with an international focus.

The Mihaylo College editorial representation in the production of this journal demonstrates the increasing outreach and impact of the college’s accounting program in industry and academic circles, as well as the strength of the academic program that is reflected in the classroom.

“The relocation of the journal’s editorship to Mihaylo will elevate the prestige of an already strong research-productive department,” says Mande. “We are reaching across continents to invite renowned scholars to join the editorial team as associate editors and editorial board members. The academic networks that we are building will undoubtedly accrue collaborations and research possibilities for a very long time.”

Walied Keshk, assistant professor of accounting at CSUF and a member of the editorial board for the Managerial Auditing Journal.

Walied Keshk, assistant professor of accounting and a member of the editorial board for the Managerial Auditing Journal.

Zhou notes the impact of the journal’s presence on the broader Cal State Fullerton brand. “That a journal with such global reach should have its editorship at CSUF is a major coup for our university,” she says.

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Access to the Managerial Auditing Journal is available free to Cal State Fullerton students, faculty, staff and emeriti through the Pollak Library database collection.

For more on the Mihaylo College accounting program, at either the undergraduate or graduate levels, visit the Department of Accounting online. Or read more of our articles about the department.