Mihaylo College grad Rachel Herzog '18 sings a humorous rap song at Cal State Fullerton's business college commencement on May 19, 2018. When Mihaylo College grad Rachel Herzog ’18 (entrepreneurship) put her thoughts on her Cal State Fullerton experience into the form of a rap song at commencement on May 19, local media took notice.

“There’s been sleepless nights, failures, stress and strife, but now we have a degree and we’ll be Titans for life,” sang Herzog, a President’s Scholar, to a cheering crowd of graduates, their families and university officials.

KTLA, whose call letters have been synonymous with in-depth local news coverage in the Los Angeles area for generations, featured clips of Herzog’s humorous melody, reaching thousands of viewers.

CSUF President Fram Virjee congratulated Herzog for her tribute to all things Mihaylo and Titan in a May 30 article in The Orange County Register. He even made his own attempt to rewrite his campus address into the rhyming words of a rap song.

Students; recent graduates; alumni of earlier generations; friends and family of Titans; and our network of faculty, staff and partners are sure to find a bit of their own Cal State Fullerton experience in Herzog’s entertaining commencement rap, shown in a brief one-minute video clip below.

Full Text of Rachel Herzog’s Commencement Rap

In just a few minutes, we’ll be alumni,
but before we go, we got to say goodbye.
Most of the time here has truly been bliss,
but there’s a thing or two that I just won’t miss.
Like finding a parking ticket on the windshield after class
and paying a million dollars for a parking pass.
No more Accounting 201 or Econ 315.
No more skinny green scantrons (you know what I mean).
It’s our time, it’s 2018, let’s go achieve our goals and really make that green.
Keep in touch, let’s not lose the friendships that we made.
And don’t let your knowledge of supply and demand fade.
Congratulations, it’s time for celebrations, and the great sensations of graduation.
Shout out to the faculty and staff today,
and all the friends and fam who helped along the way.
There’s been sleepless nights, failures, stress and strife.
But now we have a degree and we’ll be Titans for life!