Mihaylo College students work on an investment project at the Titan Capital Management lab in Cal State Fullerton's Steven G. Mihaylo Hall.

Titan Capital Management gives CSUF ASAP students access to real-world experience in bonds and investments. Photo Credit: Matt Ulfelder ’17

Imagine you are a finance undergrad and have access to the same Bloomberg software and terminals as veteran stock traders and are responsible for a real-life diversified investment portfolio, currently valued at about $1.5 million in stocks and bonds.

Cal State Fullerton business students who are enrolled in the two-course Applied Security Analysis Program (now known as Titan Capital Management), specializing in either stock or bond investments, have access to such resources and experiences thanks to the Titan Capital Management center, a high-tech interactive lab housed in Mihaylo Hall and made possible through the generous support of finance alumnus Jeffrey Van Harte ’80, chair and chief investment officer of Jackson Square Partners.

“This program has leveled the playing field for our students,” says Titan Capital Management Managing Director Mike Milligan. “It’s a great learning experience to work in that kind of atmosphere.”

When the students graduate and enter the industry, employers – ranging from Orange County boutique firms such as Green Street Advisors to top-tier internationally-recognized institutions such as Goldman Sachs – covet their real-world experience managing a stock portfolio. These companies understand that graduates of the ASAP program are familiar with the volatility of today’s financial markets and have learned through experience the technical and human skills professional investors, securities analysts and money managers need to succeed.

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