diners in line at Porto's bakery in Buena Park

Photo of Portos Bakery Buena Park. Taken by Amanda M. on Yelp.

Got some time to kill before your evening class? Maybe you just had a test and need to treat yourself to something new and delicious. Whatever the reason, you’re hungry and you want to eat something good.

After checking out the local eateries within walking distance of Mihaylo building, you might be looking to branch out a little bit. That’s why we compiled a list of some of our favorite spots to grab a bite off-campus, all within a 15-minute drive. Spoiler alert: Porto’s Bakery is on this list.


1. Green Bliss­­

This cafe in downtown Fullerton has tasty options for everyone. Green Bliss is a favorite spot for the vegetarian and vegan community, while also serving healthy meat and dairy options for non-vegan customers. Just a seven-minute drive from campus, this place features breakfast and lunch items, from breakfast omelets to paninis and wraps.

If you choose Green Bliss for a quiet lunch, be sure to stop by early since they close at 4 p.m. every day. As an added bonus, customers can access the courtyard plaza. It is a great place to relax with a sandwich and enjoy the fresh air!

2. Nature’s Juice

For delicious smoothies and acai bowls, look no further than the plaza at the intersection of State College Boulevard and Chapman Avenue. This juice bar is perfect for a healthy snack after a workout at the Student Recreation Center on campus. While there is not much seating available, it’s conveniently located for driving over to pick up a smoothie or acai bowl and enjoying it back on campus.

If you love peanut butter as much as we do, we highly recommend the Nutty Bowl. It’s a life-changer.

Nature's Juice Nutty Bowl and green juice

Photo of the Nature’s Juice Nutty Bowl and green juice by Heather M. on Yelp.

3. Miss Donuts

The delicious and freshly baked treats that come out of this little café certainly speak for themselves. Located in the same plaza as Nature’s Juice, Miss Donuts serves up everything you could possibly need for a good day – donuts, bagel sandwiches, croissants and coffee to name a few. Miss Donuts is open 24 hours a day, catering to your morning breakfast needs or your midnight donut cravings.

With their reasonable prices and convenient location, this is a great spot if you want to pick up donuts for your group project meeting. Go on, treat yourselves.

4. Olde Ship

Come aboard The Olde Ship ‒ you’ll be a stranger here but once.

At this local pub in downtown Fullerton, you’ll get a taste of Britain from the moment you reach the door. The Olde Ship features an authentic British experience, with fish and chips as their most popular menu item and an impressive collection of beers to choose from. As with most places in downtown Fullerton, parking can be tricky – be sure to check the parking lot behind the restaurant.

Stop by during happy hour and you can save a few dollars while enjoying an early dinner. Craving something sweet for dessert? Try the sherry trifle and thank us later.


5. Pita Hot

This Middle-Eastern restaurant is a hot spot for the student community in Fullerton, and we can see why! Whether you’re meeting a friend for lunch, looking for comfort food after a difficult exam or experiencing an uncontrollable craving for shawarma, Pita Hot is the place to go. Some of their most popular items are the kabob plates and hummus.

Be aware, this place can get pretty busy. Yelp reviewers have recommended calling to place your order before arriving and preparing for long lines during busy hours.

6. Early Bird

All that stands between you and a delicious brunch is an eight-minute drive up State College Boulevard. Early Bird is a restaurant owned by Orange County natives, who pride themselves on serving fresh food with locally grown ingredients.

When you are craving a savory eggs benedict or sweet waffle creations after your morning classes, Early Bird is the brunch place you have been looking for.


7. Porto’s Bakery

Yes, the one with the Potato Balls. Porto’s is a popular Cuban bakery and coffee shop, with most of its restaurants in Los Angeles County. With its newest location in Buena Park, the nearest Porto’s is just a 15-minute drive from the Cal State Fullerton campus! After a long day of learning, get yourself some Potato Balls and cheese rolls from the bakery, and enjoy the croissant sandwiches and Cuban coffee from their café menu.

Before you head out, check for traffic on the 91 Freeway. Or better yet, grab a friend and take the carpool lane! It’s best to go during off hours when you will find less traffic, easy parking and shorter lines.