As business students, we have a shocking amount of options when it comes to choosing a field to specialize in when we graduate. Making a decision on what major or concentration to choose can certainly be a daunting task.

Every year, the Bureau of Labor Statistics releases the newest data on projected job growth in its Occupational Outlook Handbook. In the simplest terms, this information projects which jobs are expected to grow in the coming years, giving us what we need to know to make better career decisions. This year’s list highlighted several jobs that seem to align well with students who are working toward their degrees in business administration here at Mihaylo College.

So before you have a meltdown about not knowing what you should do with your life, check out this list of what the Bureau of Labor Statistics has determined are the hottest jobs of 2018. And then once you’re done reading, go visit the advisers at the Mihaylo Career Center. They’re the experts!

These are just a few of the jobs the Occupational Outlook Handbook suggests you can land with your bachelor’s degree in business administration: 

Accountant and Auditor

The 400 students who graduate from the accounting program every year at Mihaylo College certainly have a lot to look forward to. Companies are expected to hire more accountants and auditors over the next eight years, with the projected number reaching 139,900 new jobs added in the period of 2016 to 2026. While this figure puts accountant and auditor jobs in the bottom half of this top 20 list when sorted by new job openings, the median 2016 salary of $68,150 per year places it in the top five of this list when sorted by pay.

Cal State Fullerton’s Mihaylo College is the only university in Orange County that holds an AACSB International accreditation for business and accounting, so it’s no surprise that accounting students here are especially prepared for this job market. Classes are intensive, and electives allow for students to specialize even further by choosing classes such as Internal Audits, Accounting for Governmental and Nonprofit Entities, and Forensic Accounting.

Every semester, students can also take advantage of the many opportunities to meet recruiters from local firms in Orange County and Big Four accounting firms, who are looking to hire Mihaylo students from the accounting program. Professionals also frequently come to campus to share their knowledge and expertise in the classroom, workshops and symposia.

Market Research Analyst

two people having informal business meeting with laptop between themIf you’re a marketing student with a knack for numbers, this might for you. Market research analysts typically work with businesses that are looking to improve their sales, using knowledge and data about consumer behavior trends to find new opportunities in the market. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, market research analysts job openings are projected to grow by 138,300 during the period of 2016 to 2026 with a 2016 median pay of $62,650,

It is important to point out the difference between “market research” and “marketing research.” Although these words are sometimes used interchangeably, market researchers typically analyze conditions in the market, and this involves gathering data and information about a specific market or segment. This role tends to be more data-oriented, and it is essential to have strong math and analytical skills.

For students especially interested in this field, a great start to break into market research analysis would be to choose a concentration in marketing, ISDS or economics. Students at Mihaylo College also have the option of a concentration in marketing analytics, which provides the unique opportunity to combine marketing classes with information systems.

General and Operations Manager

The management program at Mihaylo College has even more options to choose from. Students who are concentrating in general management or operations management are likely to be the future leaders of their companies. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the projected number of new jobs added to this field during the period of 2016 to 2026 will be 205,200.

While high-level executive jobs are not typically available for recent college graduates, some companies offer development programs for current students and recent graduates.

“These can be called something different at each company ‒ manager in training programs, rotation programs, leadership rotation programs,” says Hema Paliwal, assistant director of employer relations at Mihaylo Career Services. “There are many more titles that these entry-level positions could go by, but the general idea is that you learn the business from the ground up. And these programs are often the fast-track to higher positions in management at those companies.”

Several national retail companies will have management trainee programs for college students, in addition to companies in the distribution, the automotive and manufacturing industries. Students who are interested in these programs may not need to look very far for opportunities, since companies like Enterprise, PepsiCo and Target send representatives to career fairs at the Cal State Fullerton campus looking to hire students for these programs.

These are just three promising fields for business students at Mihaylo College to consider. If these jobs sound interesting to you, make an appointment at the Mihaylo Career Center to learn about how you can find jobs and internships that will set you on your chosen career path.