Genesis Lopez '19 (MBA-marketing) has found Mihaylo College's graduate program to be an engaging and enlightening way to expand her knowledge of the business world

Genesis Lopez ’19 (MBA-marketing) earned her undergraduate degree in English language and literature from UC Santa Barbara and is pursuing a career in marketing. Lopez discusses her experience as a Mihaylo College MBA student.

What are your thoughts on your graduate education one year into your MBA program?

I came into the program a bit hesitant. I wasn’t sure if the time and money I was going to invest would be worthwhile. But after I got through my first year, I knew I had made the right choice. I’ve learned so much in only a year, including many things that I feel I don’t always have an opportunity to gain from my job. I have also made many new friends and industry colleagues and feel much more connected to career opportunities in Southern California.

The biggest surprise was how well-rounded the program is for working professionals. It is challenging to manage your time as a full-time employee and a part-time graduate student, but I feel that Mihaylo College does a great job of tailoring their materials and course assignments so that it is very educational, yet manageable with students’ schedules.

What was your motivation for pursuing your MBA? What opportunities will this open up for you in your career?

I knew I wanted to pursue a marketing career, but UC Santa Barbara does not provide a marketing program. Thus, I took what I learned in my English major, mostly my writing and communication skills, and used that to my advantage. I use those skills daily to generate blogs, emails and presentations in my job. But I knew that if I was to become a prime candidate for employers and eventually attain my career goal of being chief marketing officer, I needed to earn my MBA to gain the leadership and big-picture mindset that is needed in higher-level and strategic roles.

What do you like most about your first year at Mihaylo College?

People sometimes ask me why I decided to go with a traditional MBA program, rather than an online program. The answer is simple, my classmates. Many of them have become good friends. We gain from each other and help each other so much. We have study groups and teach each other course material, playing off of each other’s strengths. Many of them are my industry colleagues as well and might be my future co-workers. It has been a great way to build friendships, network and learn all at once.

For More Information

Whether you wish to pursue graduate studies on campus or online, part time or full time, there is an option for you at Mihaylo College, which offers a number of graduate programs, including MBA opportunities that are designed specifically for working professionals. The Fully-Employed MBA (FEMBA) program, which assists professionals in strengthening their leadership and business acumen, is based on a 36-month schedule, with each course covering eight weeks. Earning an MBA at your own pace is possible through the Flexible MBA, which is offered in 11 concentrations ranging from information systems to finance.

The college also offers seven non-MBA graduate programs, covering accountancy, economics, taxation, information systems, information technology, and financial engineering and risk management.