Students have the opportunity to pitch their business models and gain funding through the Titan Fast Pitch competition at Cal State Fullerton.

The Titan Fast Pitch provides an introduction to entrepreneurship and business networking. “This is a fun way to develop your startup pitch while competing for scholarship money and networking with local business leaders,” says Travis Lindsay, entrepreneur-in-residence for the CSUF Startup Incubator.

Hundreds of students from local universities, colleges and secondary schools will gather at Cal State Fullerton on Oct. 21 for the annual Titan Fast Pitch, in which the entrepreneurs of tomorrow will present their innovative concepts in a 60-second elevator pitch judged by local business leaders. Register today to enter and compete for scholarships! 

In sixty seconds, you can drive one mile on a Southern California freeway (assuming no traffic) or listen to about a third of your favorite song. You can also forge valuable networks, funding and support for your business concept with a so-called 60-second elevator pitch. Articulating your plan in just one minute can be your ticket to success when meeting with investors, corporate executives or prospective partners. You never know where you’ll meet a potential investor, so be prepared!

Prepare for Your Pitch

Students from Cal State Fullerton and other Orange County schools will hone their delivery at the Titan Fast Pitch on Saturday, Oct. 21, from 1 to 4 p.m. More than 60 judges, including Michael Sawitz of, entrepreneur and consultant Bill Taormina Sr., executive vice president and chief financial officer of Royal Business Bank David Morris, Karl Freels of the Dan Black Family Trust, My-Ngoc Allred of Wells Fargo, and Ash Koumra of Youngry, will provide personalized support for aspiring entrepreneurs in a light-hearted but competitive atmosphere.

“The Fast Pitch competition gives students the chance to pitch one-on-one instead of to a large group, which can be intimidating. Pitching to one person makes the fear of public speaking disappear, and you focus entirely on delivering your pitch, which is the point of the competition” says Travis Lindsay, entrepreneur-in-residence at the CSUF Startup Incubator, which co-hosts the event along with the Center for Economic Education and the National Startup League. “This is a fun way to develop your startup pitch while competing for scholarship money and networking with local business leaders.”

The Titan Fast Pitch competition at Cal State Fullerton gives students the chance to compete for scholarships.

With thousands of dollars in scholarships at stake, the Titan Fast Pitch may be fun, but competition is intense.

Students will participate in one of two tracks: a high school track or a college/university track, which include students from institutions across Southern California, including Cal State Fullerton.

There will be multiple rounds, first allowing students to give their pitch multiple times before moving on to the lightning round – featuring an accelerated Q&A panel.

The first four finalists of both tracks will receive scholarships ranging from $250 to $1,500 for college students and $100 to $400 for high schoolers.

Register Today

Registration will be open until the event begins at 1 p.m. on Oct. 21, but sign up today to reserve a spot. The competition will be held at TSU Pavilions and attendance and participation is free.

This year’s sponsors include the Dan Black Family Trust,, Royal Business Bank, Sigma Upsilon Mu, Wells Fargo and the CSUF Entrepreneur Society.

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