Mihaylo College Commencement Speaker Luc Ceci '17 poses in a graduation gown in the orange groves on Nutwood at Cal State Fullerton.

“Success in college doesn’t require genius, it requires dedication and hard work,” says Luc Ceci ’17. In addition to a career in finance, Ceci would like to eventually teach college students and impact a future generation of business professionals.

Two student speakers, Luc Ceci ’17 (accounting and finance) and Fabian Silva ’17 (marketing), will speak at the Mihaylo College commencement ceremonies on May 20 and 21.

Commencement for Mihaylo students will take place on two days later this month, with students graduating on either Saturday, May 20, or Sunday, May 21, depending on their concentration.

The class of 2017 will hear from two fellow students: accounting and finance senior Luc Ceci will speak on Saturday, while marketing senior Fabian Silva will speak on Sunday.

Luc Ceci ’17

“Success in college doesn’t require genius, it requires dedication and hard work,” says Ceci. The accounting and finance senior has been involved in the Business Honors Program, the student board of the Finance Association and the Executive Council Mentorship Program.

“The Business Honors Program has been the single greatest experience of my time at CSUF,” says Ceci. “Through the program, I have developed friendships and cultivated a mindset for success in business. Another highlight would be the consistent effort of student leaders at the Business Inter-Club Council (BICC) and ASI who constantly put on events to bring students together.”

Ceci plans to take an associate financial advisor position at a firm in Upland before pursuing a graduate degree in a few years, with the ultimate goal of being a finance lecturer. “My professors have impacted me tremendously, and I would like to do the same for other students,” he says.

He particularly notes the impact of Assistant Professor of Management Lorenzo Bizzi, who taught MGMT 449 – Seminar in Strategic Management. “Professor Bizzi provided me with the tools to analyze the opportunities and challenges businesses face,” says Ceci.

He encourages students and graduates to utilize the resources of Cal State Fullerton to launch their careers and dreams. “CSUF and Mihaylo provide an immense number of resources for students to help them succeed, so take advantage of them,” he says. “Also, get to know your professors. Their wisdom and industry connections will be of tremendous value to you.”

Mihaylo grad and 2017 commencement speaker Fabian Silva '17 in cap and gown.

Fabian Silva ’17 says failure is only temporary and perseverance is needed to continue on the path to success. “Do not get complacent and always remain positive about your future. All great stories have a comeback,” he says.

Fabian Silva ’17

Silva encourages students to persevere as they make the life changes necessary to pursue their careers post-graduation.

“Stay hungry and be open-minded,” he says. “Some of you may start a career, meet new people, move to a different city, or move back home, and if you are unsatisfied with where you are in life, remember everything is only temporary. It is up to you to create your own road map. Do not get complacent and always remain positive about your future. All great stories have a comeback.”

A marketing senior, Silva has completed an internship with Morgan Stanley, served as a recruitment ambassador for Mihaylo’s MBA and Graduate Programs, an information specialist for Cal State Fullerton and Titan Ambassador campus tour guide.

“I loved sharing my passion for CSUF students and nothing was more rewarding than seeing a student at orientation approach me and say, ‘hey, you were the reason I chose Cal State Fullerton!’” he says. “Being a campus tour guide was probably one of the most fulfilling jobs I have ever had.”

Silva has also been involved in ASI Lobby Corps, as vice president of marketing for the Sales Leadership Center and president of the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity. He is looking forward to a sales executive career with C.H. Robinson, a logistics firm.

“An MBA is definitely on my radar for the future,” he says. “However, that is something I would like to pursue five years from now.”

For More on Commencement

For more information on this year’s commencement, visit the Cal State Fullerton Commencement website. Mihaylo-specific questions can be directed to mihaylocommencement@fullerton.edu. For graduation apparel and memorabilia, check out Titan Shops.

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