Jaqilyn Graff, a Mihaylo College management student, adds a star to the Wall of Fame in Mihaylo Career Services.

Mihaylo management student Jaqilyn Graff posts a star on the Wall of Fame to announce her financial representative position at Northwestern Mutual in Irvine. The board provides a visible testament to the opportunities available to Mihaylo students and serves as a celebration of their successes.

Every time a Mihaylo student has accepted a job or internship, they are encouraged to fill out a paper star on the Wall of Fame at Mihaylo Career Services in SGMH 1401. Career Development Advisor Kasey Noble ’16 discusses the star campaign and how it helps students focus on their personal and professional goals.

Landing an internship or getting your first career job is a milestone for college students. Mihaylo Career Services helps students prepare for these opportunities and then commemorates their accomplishments with the star campaign, which began in 2015.

“We want to celebrate student success by having them fill out a star for our Wall of Fame and ring our bell to let the rest of our office know of their new opportunity,” says Kasey Noble ’16 (M.S. – education) career development advisor. “With their approval, we post their photo along with a small testimonial on our social media accounts so the rest of the Mihaylo community can celebrate with the student.”

“When students come into our office and see all the stars on our Wall of Fame, the hope is that they are inspired by the amazing opportunities their fellow Titans have attained.”

Kasey Noble, a staff member of Mihaylo Career Services, celebrates with Mihaylo College management student Jaqilyn Graff.

Getting a new job or internship is cause for celebration – and the staff at Mihaylo Career Services is there to celebrate with you.

Hang Your Star

To participate, students may stop by Mihaylo Career Services in SGMH 1401 and request to fill out a star. They are asked to provide their name, company or organization, and job position on the front of the star, while their contact information is recorded on the back of the star.

“We hope to engage with our students and alumni in the future for guest speaking opportunities, connecting them with current students and staying in touch,” says Noble. “All students have the opportunity to be featured on our Instagram unless they request otherwise.”

Mihaylo HIRE Survey

Mihaylo Career Services is also conducting the Mihaylo HIRE Survey, which is useful in advising the next generation of students.

A hand holding three stars inscribed with the accomplishments of Mihaylo College Cal State Fullerton students.

The Mihaylo Star Campaign provides a visible tribute to the success of business students.

“It allows us to answer many of the questions students have such as ‘Where do our alumni go?’ ‘Do we have any alumni at X company?’ and ‘What is the average salary for each concentration?’” says Noble.

Graduating seniors completing this survey by May 1, regardless of their job or internship status, will receive a chord to wear at commencement.

For More Information

For more on Mihaylo Career Services, visit them online or stop by their office in SGMH 1401 from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Thursday or 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Friday.

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