Want to get a leg up on what it takes to succeed in your major? Now you can have a faculty member who is in your field of study to guide you as a mentor through the Mihaylo College Faculty Mentor Program. The program is designed for students who have declared their concentration. It is to provide guidance to help students link what they learn in their major courses to potential job fields that they are aiming to enter, providing recommendations on elective classes that will most benefit them. Faculty mentors also guide students on how to develop a career network, build their campus social circle and find resources on campus.  The program runs from March through April.  Newly declared students should watch their email accounts for an invitation.

Mihaylo College Economics undergrad Alex Tran, a beneficiary of the Faculty Mentoring Program, sits at the fountain in front of Langsdorf Hall at Cal State Fullerton.

Economics undergraduate senior Alex Tran ’17 has worked with Radha Bhattacharya, economics professor and director of the Center for Economic Education, through Mihaylo’s Faculty Mentoring Program. He credits the program for helping him develop an academic and career focus.

Among the students participating in this program is Alex Tran ’17 (economics), who has received invaluable mentoring from Radha Bhattacharya, economics professor and director of the Center for Economic Education. Tran now has a student assistant position working under Bhattacharya, in which he helps the center equip schoolchildren with the financial literacy needed for success in today’s world. 

“Participating in the Faculty Mentoring Program gave me an idea of exactly what I wanted to do with my economics degree,” says Tran. “Economics is a broad subject. It includes microeconomics, macroeconomics, international economics, economics theory and econometrics. I spoke with my mentor about my interest in investment banking, and she recommended taking some 300- and 400-level classes that would be beneficial for me.”

In addition to advice on what classes to take, Tran says Bhattacharya directed his focus on econometrics as a study and career path. “With the program, I gained an idea on what I want to do with my degree, what kind of jobs are available, and how to pursue it.”

The program is an excellent opportunity for Mihaylo students to take advantage of having a mentor on the faculty level. Students should pay attention to their inbox this spring for a notification on how to get involved.

How Can I Participate?

Before you can participate in the program, you must declare a concentration. For more on how to declare a concentration, contact Business Advising at 657-278-2211 or stop by SGMH 1201. Appointments can be scheduled online. The Faculty Mentoring Program normally starts each semester one or two weeks after the census date. Students will receive an email from their departments to make an appointment with their faculty mentor. Questions on the program should be directed to your individual department.

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