A group of Cal State Fullerton Mihaylo College graduate students, faculty and staff outside the entrance of the Panasonic building in Lake Forest, California.

Mihaylo graduate students pose outside the Panasonic Avionics building in Lake Forest earlier this month. The visit is among the many opportunities that the MBA program offers students to network and explore careers in the Southern California region.

From feature-length movies to video games, in-flight entertainment has revolutionized the flying experience over the past few decades. Among the leaders in the industry is Panasonic Avionics, which has been at the forefront of developing cutting-edge, in-flight technology for more than 35 years.

Eight Mihaylo MBA students from the Graduate Career Mentor Program visited Panasonic’s Lake Forest office on Feb. 8 to explore the company’s innovation and corporate culture. Invited by MBA alumnus Ryan Jackson ’12 (management), now a project manager at Panasonic, the visit allowed students to discover the various components of an organization, gain insight into the roles and positions at the company, and engage in personal career networking with the staff there.

A First-Hand Look at the Business

“Prior to this visit I knew little about the aviation industry and the in-flight entertainment business in particular,” says Minh Dang ’18 (MBA). “It’s definitely great to learn about the advances that make flights less boring. We got a view of their future first-class seats equipped with latest technologies, and it looked awesome.”

Dang was impressed by the size and atmosphere of the office. “Panasonic is definitely a very friendly place to work. The majority of staff comes from engineering backgrounds, but there are also creative people who work for their entertainment department. The campus is huge with its own cafeteria and free electric car charging station.”

John Shojaei ’17 (MBA-business analytics) recognized the company’s complex business relationships. “Panasonic works with aircraft manufacturers and subcontractors, media companies, game designers, satellite providers and many others to provide an end-to-end solution to its customers,” he said. “My father used to work for a telecom company and the site reminded me of his former workplace. I was fascinated by the extent of the operation and the number of moving parts.”

Electronic game consoles on the backs of seats on an airplane.

More than 500 million airline travelers experience Panasonic entertainment, such as these state-of-the-art entertainment consoles, every year.

Access to Companies Creates Opportunities

Mihaylo Career Services is working to schedule more company visits to give graduate students the skills and experiences they need to succeed in today’s work world. “We offer resources, tools and one-on-one advice from advisers on how to succeed in a competitive job market, giving students an opportunity to take a strategic approach towards their professional development” says Graduate Career Advisor Sudeshna Majumdar-Fragomeni.

Site visits are just one of the avenues Mihaylo Career Services pursues to enhance the career readiness of students. “We are committed to preparing graduate students with methods to tell a unique and compelling story about their professional brand through their résumé, cover letters, mock interviews and opportunities to network. We also offer several niche graduate-level workshops that give the student the ability to take ownership of their career advancement and path.”

Mihaylo College Graduate Programs

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