A young woman pointing a digital camera at the viewer, with a beach in the background.

Want to take great nature pictures? Try the courses on Lynda.com, available free to all Cal State Fullerton students. Besides photography, course subjects include audio/video, web development, business, marketing and communication topics. Photo from Pixabay.

Did you know that thousands of career-focused online tutorials are available to Cal State Fullerton students for free on the university’s online portal? It’s all thanks to university funding to provide Lynda.com, one of the world’s largest education providers, to the campus community. Here are some things not to miss when exploring your free access.

From how to use WordPress to boning up on your photography skills, Lynda.com provides the resources to master the technical and vocational skills needed to succeed in today’s job market.

Best of all, it is completely free. Just log in to your Titan portal and click on the Lynda.com Online Training icon. Then, search through the Lynda.com library to explore courses in music, business, design, marketing, photography and videography, and information technology.

Leveraging Lynda.com

You are spending hours every day on your business courses, so how could you ever find the time to enhance your knowledge with online tutorials?

Keep in mind that many Lynda courses are relatively short. Some are less than an hour long. Others are more than 24 hours, but they are broken up into sections, so you can easily jump to the content you are interested in. Plus, you can stop watching, and it will automatically start again at the place you left off, making it easy to come back to a course days, weeks or even months later.

You will be able to see the skill level of courses in your area of interest on the left side of the page. They are listed as beginner, intermediate, advanced or appropriate for all. That way, you don’t waste your time on something you already know, but you aren’t in over your head with technical information either.

Once you complete your course, you can always add it to your résumé, LinkedIn account or other online career profile, to ensure that potential employers know your entire skill set.

Courses Not to Miss

You could spend years going through all of the content available on Lynda.com. Here is some of the most interesting content, which you can access by going to the “library” tab on the top of the page and looking at the dropdown list.

Lynda Weinmann, founder of the online learning site Lynda.com, which is available to CSUF students, faculty and staff.

This is the real-life Lynda: Lynda Weinmann started the online learning site back in 1995. Photo from Wikimedia Commons.


This will lead you to courses on how to master 2D or 3D animation. You can explore game design, texturing and special effects. Great content if you are hoping to work in the entertainment industry.


This will lead you to tutorials in audio recording, songwriting, audio engineering and the business of music production.


This tab brings you to content on business software such as Microsoft Office, leadership, career development tips, project management, databases and marketing.


This tab takes you to courses on architecture. You can get started on making building plans. Who knows? Maybe you will help engineer new buildings on campus one day!


This will take you to courses on how to design just about everything. Make logos and comics and hone your Adobe Creative Cloud skills here.

Developer will take you to courses on computer coding and web development.

Think you might be interesting in teaching one day? Explore the Education+Elearning tab to see the latest on classroom development.


This will take you to courses on all things technology – from cybersecurity to GIS. This is a good low-pressure way to explore whether an IT major would be up your alley.


This has courses on web analytics, search engine optimization (SEO), branding, advertising, blogging and tips for small businesses. If you are planning a business concept, this is a good place to see how you could get it off the ground.

Photography and Video

You can equip yourself on how to produce high-quality photos and videos for every occasion using the latest technology.


This will lead you to courses on HTML and other coding, but there’s also a good deal of marketing and communication content.

Lynda.com is among the many tools available to Cal State Fullerton students to make them versatile and well-rounded leaders for the next generation. With all these courses at your disposal, why not save time and money by building your knowledge base on Lynda.com?

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