A diverse group of Cal State Fullerton business students talking, walking and studying in the James D. Woods Grand Foyer of Steven G. Mihaylo Hall.

Thousands of freshmen are experiencing university life for the first time at Cal State Fullerton this fall. Succeeding as an undergraduate can set the course for a rewarding career. Photo by Remington Graham.

More than 4,000 freshmen are embarking on their higher education journey at Cal State Fullerton this fall. Hundreds of these new students are business majors. Sophomore Laila Dadabhoy ’19 (finance) shares five tips on how her new peers can thrive.

“Now that you don’t have to be perfect; you can be good.” Those are the words of author John Steinbeck and the favorite quote of Mihaylo finance sophomore Laila Dadabhoy ’19, who is also a data analytics and marketing student assistant at Mihaylo College and chief communications officer for Associated Students Inc. (ASI).

Dadabhoy says the following tips have helped her succeed in her college experience.

  1. Write everything down.

“Your calendar is your best friend,” says Dadabhoy. Utilizing a digital or print time-management system can make juggling classes, work and extracurricular activities much easier. But the importance of writing doesn’t end there. Of course, take notes of what your professors and guest lecturers say, but even keep notes of the academic and career advice you hear on campus. Writing down facts helps improve retention and ensures a ready reference for the future.

  1. Have a routine and stick to it.

It is the only way you can balance such a busy schedule. Be sure to plan your routine in advance, before the start of each semester. But don’t be too rigid. Remember that you are answering to yourself and not anyone else.

Mihaylo College finance student Laila Dadabhoy posing in the arched hallway outside the Pollak Library at Cal State Fullerton.

Mihaylo finance student Laila Dadabhoy ’19 says a combination of good study skills, club involvement and professional presentation will assist students in their university experience and beyond.

  1. Set aside time for something other than school or work.

“Get involved in something,” says Dadabhoy. “It puts you in places you never thought you’d be.” Check out the Business Inter-Club Council for a list of clubs related to your major. Or get involved in other clubs, recreational activities or student government through ASI.

  1. Presentation is key.

It might not be fair, but it’s true. How you present yourself does make a difference. Make sure you look and act professionally. Business etiquette, public-speaking skills and professional writing are great skills for your academic experience – and beyond.

  1. Read anything and everything.

Be an avid reader. It keeps you informed about the world and makes you a better-rounded person. “Reading helps you understand how the world worked, the way it will work and the way it works today,” says Dadabhoy.

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