Mihaylo College students enrolled in the applied investment program present a giant check to Assistant Dean for Student Affairs Emeline Yong.

ASAP students present Assistant Dean for Student Affairs Emeline Yong (front, second from right) with a check from the portfolio’s investment returns.

For the third consecutive year, the Mihaylo Applied Securities Analysis Program (ASAP), which provides an investment portfolio for finance students, has presented an annual gift to the Mihaylo Tutoring Center. This year’s donation was $7,500.

Mihaylo’s Applied Securities Analysis Program (ASAP) is truly a win-win. It equips finance students for an investment career with the opportunity to collaborate on a real-world investment portfolio using actual money. Students construct and manage portfolios, acting as money managers in buying and selling securities. It also benefits business students of all concentrations by providing funding for the Mihaylo Tutoring Center with its investment returns.

Earlier this month, ASAP students and Mihaylo finance lecturers Michael Milligan and Marcia Clark presented the tutoring center with the program’s third and largest gift to date – a $7,500 check.

“This gift will enable us to enhance student success by providing additional student services,” says Mihaylo Assistant Dean for Student Affairs Emeline Yong. “For example, more tutoring hours and resources will be available for students who are challenged by difficult courses.”

For more on the ASAP program, visit them online or contact Milligan at mmilligan@fullerton.edu. For more on the tutoring center, visit them online. The center is closed during the summer, but will reopen in fall to service students Monday through Thursday. For more on all of the tutoring options available to Mihaylo students, check out our earlier blog post.

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