A diverse group of student employees at Cal State Fullerton's Titan Shops pose amidst the Titan-themed clothing on sale at the store.

Titan Shops is among the diverse employment options on campus for Cal State Fullerton students.

From business writing to Starbucks baristas, there are plenty of employment opportunities for students at Cal State Fullerton. Here are the basics on getting a job on campus.

Looking for a summer job or a position to last through next academic year? Don’t overlook working on campus – there are hundreds of paid positions open to students, providing work experience, paychecks and networking opportunities in a convenient location and a schedule that works around your classes.

Student Assistant Positions

Student assistants work directly for the university. They prepare social media campaigns, answer the phones, do clerical work and often act as the representatives of the university to incoming students and their families.

Ankita Tejwani '17 (marketing), who was a development student assistant at Mihaylo College.

Ankita Tejwani ’17 (marketing) is part of Mihaylo College’s development and alumni relations team as a student assistant, a position providing her experience, pay and a flexible schedule.

While requirements vary, a wide range of student assistant jobs are available to both undergraduate and graduate students, and you don’t necessarily have to work in your particular college. These employees are limited to 20 hours per week during the semester, ensuring that work doesn’t conflict with academic responsibilities. But during intersession, summer and break periods, student assistants can work up to 40 hours per week.

To apply for student assistant positions, click on the “Career Center” tab on your student portal. Under “View Job & Internship Postings on Titan Connection,” you can search for positions on campus by limiting your search to student assistant/on-campus positions.

Associated Students Inc. (ASI) Jobs

ASI is in charge of the Student Recreation Center, the Children’s Center, the Titan Student Union and various extracurricular events. Their paid student positions range from lifeguards to marketers.

These positions are listed on the ASI website.  Any questions should be directed to ASI’s Human Resources at 657-278-7068.

Auxiliary Services Corporation (ASC) Jobs

A nonprofit public corporation assisting Cal State Fullerton in its educational mission, the ASC employs around 1,600 people in maintenance, food services, tutoring positions and Titan Shops.

These positions are listed on the ASC website. For more information or questions, visit their Contact Page.

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