An Investment in Your Business Career

Making smart investments is key to your financial success. One of your smartest investments: your Mihaylo graduate business degree.

To help with the cost of your Mihaylo education, make sure to explore the wide range of scholarships and financial aid available to our graduate students.

Here’s a breakdown of the cost of your leading-edge Mihaylo education:

Flexible MBA, MS in Accountancy, MS in Information Systems, and MS in Taxation (Fullerton Campus)

  • State university fee: see Student Financial Services
  • Professional program fee: $270/unit*
  • Non-resident fee: $396/unit*
  • Books and supplies: approximately $900

*part-time: 0-6 units; full-time: 7 or more units

MA in Economics

Fully Employed MBA (FEMBA) (Irvine Center)

  • Part-time (6 units): $4,200/semester (fall, spring, summer)
  • Books and supplies: approximately $900
  • Starting in fall 2020, fees will be $825 per unit for the incoming cohort and $700 per unit for continuing students

There is no non-resident fee for this program. Tuition for resident and non-resident students is the same.

MS in Information Technology 

  • State university fee: see  Student Financial Services
  • Online distance fee: $33/unit
  • Non-resident fee: $396/unit*
  • Initial symposium fee: $300
  • Midpoint symposium fee: $180
  • Books and supplies: approximately $900


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