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Career Paths

The field of marketing offers many exciting and dynamic career paths. Whether you like to work with teams or alone, whether you feel most comfortable at a desk or in the field, whether you have a strategic or tactical orientation, whether you’re attracted to analytical or creative work, you’ll find a marketing avenue that meets your needs. We encourage you to explore!

Digital & Social Media Marketing This involves the use of the Internet and social media to drive customers to your site with the goal of selling your products and services.
Sports Marketing This fast growing area refers to marketing sports experiences and events or using sports to market other products.
Brand management In this field you'll provide leadership across an array of areas including product development, advertising, and sales with the goal of building the franchise for a given product or service.
Services Marketing A wide array of service providers use marketing to build their businesses. This area includes tourism, entertainment, healthcare, telecommunications, and the government and non-profit sectors.
Professional Sales A significant portion of our graduates enter this exciting field. There are many and varied opportunities. Students who enjoy building relationships and solving customers’ business problems will enjoy this field.
Social Sector Marketing Non-profit organizations apply commercial marketing techniques to advance social change or improvement. Hiring entities include museums, charitable organizations, and other service organizations.
Retail & Channel Marketing Organizations such as Target use sophisticated marketing techniques to determine target segments and deliver products and services that delight their customers.
Advertising & integrated Brand Promotion Involves developing and coordinating the various promotional elements and activities that communicate with an organization’s customers.
Entrepreneurial Marketing This refers to the overall marketing efforts that support new or emerging companies. If you’re resourceful and enjoy a fast-paced environment, this may be for you.