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Sports Marketing

What is Sports Marketing?

Sports Marketing is one of the fastest growing business fields. It is a broad title that refers to all marketing activities that involve sport. Sports Marketing includes marketing sports and all activities related to the development and execution of strategies designed to bring sports products and experiences to consumers. Sports Marketing also includes marketing through sports, which refers to firms’ activities who use sports to reach their key customers in order to sell non-sports products, such as automobiles, beer, or snack foods. Thus, career opportunities include positions with teams and sports organizations as well as major corporations. An internship with a professional team or a sports company during their college years is a good start.

Fast Facts About Sports Marketing

More on Sports Marketing

Gaining Industry knowledge

Understanding sports fans Developing Sports Marketing strategies Starting a career in Sports Marketing

Careers in Sports Marketing

Sports Marketing offers a variety of rewarding careers. A sampling of these is provided below.

Undergraduate: Required Courses

Undergraduate: Suggested Electives(Two Needed)

Graduate Students

To fulfill the requirements for your marketing concentration, you may utilize up to two 400 level marketing courses or any 500 level marketing courses. The 500 level marketing courses offered vary by semester. Recent offerings include: Non-Profit Marketing, Strategic Marketing Intelligence, Product and Brand Management, and Business Marketing and Customer Relationship Management. Please check for current 500 level marketing courses.

Marketing faculty contact:

Professor Howard Forman