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Social Sector Marketing

What is Social Sector Marketing?

NPO marketing offers career opportunities for changing the world. NPO marketing includes the application of commercial marketing to social change or improvement organizations outside the primary interest of a business. Three common forms are private NPOs (e.g., museums, blood centers, charities), Social Enterprises (trade in goods or services for a social purpose, e.g., Goodwill Industries, Second Harvest), and public organizations (underwritten by government; e.g., Centers for Disease Control, Department of Transportation).

Lester Salamon, Director for the Center for Civil Society Studies at Johns Hopkins Institute for Policy Study, states, “Nonprofit organizations have successfully marketed services to paying customers, started commercial ventures, forged partnerships with businesses, adopted business management techniques, reshaped organizational structures, incorporated sophisticated marketing and moneymanagement techniques into charitable fund raising, and generally found new ways to tap the dynamism and resources of the market to promote organizational objectives.”

Fast Facts About NPO Marketing

More on NPO Marketing

You may begin your NPO career in community relations, event planning, fundraising, volunteer management, or public relations. Increasingly, however, NPOs are posting more mainstream marketing positions such as marketing research analyst, brand manager, retail manager, and ecommerce manager, given the trends toward entrepreneurship in the public and nonprofit sector.

Not surprisingly, NPOs offer a diverse set of careers in development & communication, marketing, audience research & evaluation, resource management, fund raising, corporate & foundation relations, donor relationship strategies and direct mail management.

Salaries in NPO Careers

Top NPO CEO Salaries 2013

Undergraduate: Required Courses

Undergraduate: Suggested Electives(Two Needed)

Graduate Students

To fulfill the requirements for your marketing concentration, you may utilize up to two 400 level marketing courses or any 500 level marketing courses. The 500 level marketing courses offered vary by semester. Recent offerings include: Non-Profit Marketing, Strategic Marketing Intelligence, Product and Brand Management, and Business Marketing and Customer Relationship Management. Please check for current 500 level marketing courses.

Social sector marketing (marketing performed by not-for-profit organizations, government groups and agencies, as well as marketing techniques used to promote ideas and social causes) requires an understanding of the organization’s operational environment. Take advantage of your California State University Fullerton educational opportunity by enrolling in art, communication, environmental studies, gerontology, health and human services, humanities, political science, and public administration, science, and sociology courses of interest.

For more details on these courses, visit http://business.fullerton.edu/marketing

Marketing faculty contact:

Professor Aubrey LeBard
Professor Susan Cadwallader