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Service Marketing


Services dominate the U.S. economy and are critical in creating competitive advantage for companies across the globe and in all industry sectors.

Services are those deeds, process, and performances offered by industries as diverse as: tourism, entertainment, financial, health care, telecommunications, online, and retailing industries. Federal, state and local governments and non -for -profits are huge employers and are primarily service providers.

In addition, such manufacturers such as Ford Motor Company, IBM, and many others derive a large portion of their revenues and profits from not only the products they sell —but the services they provide.

A career in Services Marketing can be very rewarding. It typically involves direct interaction with customers, problem solving, and research to better understand how customers and employees work together to insure an excellent service experience.

Fast Facts About Services Marketing

Carrers in Services Marketing

California State University, Fullerton is located in an area dominated by the service industry such as Disney, the Angels and Ducks sports franchises, and many hotels, restaurants and tourism-related companies.

Many local services companies have direct relationships with CSUF and the Marketing Department, and its faculty. These companies frequently provide scholarships, internships and career opportunities to Mihaylo business students with a Marketing concentration.

Undergraduate: Required courses

Undergraduate: Suggested Electives(Two Needed)

Electives Outside of Marketing Department

Graduate Students

To fulfill the requirements for your marketing concentration, you may utilize up to two 400 level marketing courses or any 500 level marketing courses. The 500 level marketing courses offered vary by semester. Recent offerings include: Non-Profit Marketing, Strategic Marketing Intelligence, Product and Brand Management, and Business Marketing and Customer Relationship Management. Please check for current 500 level marketing courses.

Have follow-up questions? Feed free to contact your marketing faculty advisor(if one has been assigned) or the professor listed just below.

Marketing faculty contact:
Professor Neil Granitz