Marketing 465


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Catalog Description

Unique marketing needs and challenges faced by service firms in an increasingly challenging global environment. Specific strategies for marketing services in a variety of industries including entertainment, tourism, hospitality, health care and financial services. Also includes strategies used by manufacturing firms using service as a competitive strategy.
Prerequisites: MKTG 351

Course Objectives and Outcomes

Services dominate the U.S. economy and are critical in creating competitive advantage for companies across the globe and in all industry sectors. In this course you will gain the knowledge needed in order to implement quality services and customer service strategies. Specifically, you will learn to measure service quality and how to calculate customer lifetime value, design service maps, better understand customer expectations, and develop customer relationship strategies. This course will assist in further developing your communication and critical thinking skills via essay exams, experiential exercises, case discussions, and a community-based learning project. Key outcomes include:

Helpful Online Resources

McKinsey Quarterly: You can access this at erly. You can also subscribe to their newsletter. Additional content is available at

Knowledge@Wharton: You can access this at You can also subscribe to their newsletter.

Discovering the Soul of Service: The Nine Drivers of Sustainable Business Success by Len Berry, Ph.D.


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