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Digital & Social Media Marketing

What is digital & social media marketing?

Digital & Social Media Marketing is the use of the Internet and social media on the Internet to drive customers to your site, to promote and sell products, and to provide information and services to customers.

For example, Nordstrom uses its website to sell new clothes to customers. Wells Fargo pays Google so that its website appears in the search results when relevant search terms are entered. Virgin Airlines converses with its customers through a company page on Facebook and Twitter.

From small businesses to large corporations, digital marketing is transforming how companies market.

Fast Facts about digital & social media marketing

  • 90% of companies have used social media (Blogs, Facebook, YouTube) to market their brands
  • Over 75% of companies see digital marketing tools as the most important ones to promote their products and services
  • FaceBook has over 900 million members, with only 30% from the U.S.

More On Digital & Social Media Marketing

  • Targeting and positioning your product or service
  • Designing a website
  • Effectively reaching customers using online advertising
  • Using search engines (like Google) to drive customers to your site
  • Using social media like blogs, Facebook, and Twitter to promote your business
  • Enhancing websites through SEO (Search Engine Optimization), so that customers can find what they need
  • Running an effective e-mail marketing campaign
  • Selling products and services online
  • Providing great customer service online through both websites and social media
  • Conducting market research online
  • Analyzing “Big Data” to determine at marketing strategies
  • Choosing the correct hardware, software and suppliers to conduct digital marketing

Careers In Digital & Social Media Marketing

  • Marketing Coordinators at digital marketing companies such as Yahoo start at a salary of $40,000
  • Marketing Managers at internet companies such as Google, or Amazon earn between $55,000- $85,000
  • Search Engine Optimizers at digital marketing firms such as 24/7 Media and DoubleClick start at a salary of $56,000
  • Social Media Strategists at any organization start at a salary of $55,000
  • E-Mail Marketing Managers at any organization make $45,000
  • Companies that are not exclusively online, such as Nordstrom, Taco Bell or Saatchi & Saatchi Advertising require executives to have knowledge of digital marketing
  • If you are planning to start your own company, digital marketing can teach you how to sell and promote your products online
  • If you will be searching for a career, digital marketing can teach you how to market yourself online

Undergraduate: Required Courses

Undergraduate: Suggested Electives(Two Needed)

Graduate Students

To fulfill the requirements for your marketing concentration, you may utilize up to two 400 level marketing courses or any 500 level marketing courses. The 500 level marketing courses offered vary by semester. Recent offerings include: Non-Profit Marketing, Strategic Marketing Intelligence, Product and Brand Management, and Business Marketing and Customer Relationship Management. Please check for current 500 level marketing courses.

Have follow-up questions? Feed free to contact your marketing faculty advisor(if one has been assigned) or the professor listed just below.

Marketing faculty contact:
Professor Neil Granitz