International Business


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International Business

What is International Business?

If you like to interact with people from different cultures, converse in various languages, travel, and conduct business around the world, International Business is for you. The world is a becoming a global village. International Business offers you the opportunity to conduct business, and become an active citizen. In essence, International Business entails conducting business in the global market.

International Business does not necessarily require living outside the U.S., although numerous exciting opportunities are available in countries of your choice. Available entry-level positions in International Business are for specialists in finance, marketing, personnel, product production, purchasing, management information systems and accounting.

Preparing for International Business

There are several ways you can prepare for a career in International Business. Some of these are as follows:

The Study Abroad Program, which is part of International Education and Exchange has information available on opportunities in various countries. You may visit them at University Hall 244 or call 657 278-2728. You can also learn more about them at The Center for Internship and Cooperative Education in Langsdorf Hall 209 (657.278.2717) is a valuable resource. You can learn more about them at Additional sites of interest include:

Careers in International Business

Globalization is impacting every aspect of business and is responsible for most of the economic growth in the U.S. and other economies around the world. Both exports and foreign direct investment are growing at a much more rapid pace than domestic GDP for most nations. China will soon pass the U.S. as the world’s largest consumer market which is reshaping global trading patterns. Nearly 70% of all global economic growth is projected to come from emerging markets. This dynamic shift is increasing the need for businesses, students and civic leaders to understand who the next customer is, where they are coming from, what their needs are and how solutions will be delivered to them, globally. Possible employment settings include advertising, entertainment, government, media, public relations, and retailers. A sampling of job titles and respective salaries is shown below:

Entry Positions in International Marketing

Advanced Positions in International Marketing

Required Courses

Suggested Electives(Two Needed)