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Entrepreneurial Marketing

What is Entrepreneurial Marketing?

Entrepreneurial Marketing refers to the overall marketing effort for a newly established or an emerging enterprise. It includes idea generation, product concept testing, market entry, planning, positioning, identity, and promotion. It emerged as a marketing specialization in the 1990s.

Entrepreneurial Marketing can be distinguished by the fast growing companies that practice it: startups and emerging firms. Both types of organizations have flat hierarchies, unconventional ways of working and a strong emphasis on corporate identity. Other terms often used to describe this type of marketing include guerrilla marketing, viral marketing and buzz marketing.

Fast Facts About Entrepreneurial Marketing

Careers in Entrepreneurial Marketing

An education in Entrepreneurial Marketing can be applied to a wide range of careers, including the direct management of products for marketing firms, advertising and promotions firms, consulting, and strategic planning. A selection of job titles in Entrepreneurial Marketing include product manager, advertising account executive, marketing manager, VP of marketing, director of strategic planning, director of development, director of digital marketing, and director of global marketing. CSUF is located in an area dominated by firms with strong and well-regarded Entrepreneurial firms. Many of these companies have direct relationships with CSUF and the Marketing Department, and its faculty. They frequently provide scholarships, internships and jobs to Marketing majors. As such, study of Entrepreneurial Marketing at CSUF is a rewarding opportunity.

Undergraduate: Required Courses

Undergraduate: Suggested Electives

Graduate Students

To fulfill the requirements for your marketing concentration, you may utilize up to two 400 level marketing courses or any 500 level marketing courses. The 500 level marketing courses offered vary by semester. Recent offerings include: Non-Profit Marketing, Strategic Marketing Intelligence, Product and Brand Management, and Business Marketing and Customer Relationship Management. Please check for current 500 level marketing courses.

Have follow-up questions? Feed free to contact your marketing faculty advisor(if one has been assigned) or the professor listed just below.

Marketing Faculty Contact:
Professor John Bradley Jackson