CSUF, CFB Hall of Fame Nomination Form

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Nomination Criteria

To be considered for this award, the nominee must be a southern California-based family owned company that has intentions of passing ownership to the next generation. Self-nominations are encouraged. Nominations can also be submitted by anyone close to the business, such as a client, banker, accountant, attorney or other advisor. Deadline for nominations is January 27th, 2017, 11:59 PM.

Why Nominate?

A nomination is an honor to the business and the family. Awards programs are an effective way to bring positive recognition to the good that you do in your community.


  1. Complete each section of this nomination document
  2. Include the following documents
    1. Nomination letter
    2. High-quality photo of the business and/or family members in the business
    3. Supporting documents(e.g. letters of recommendation, articles, etc) You can email these to adbailey@fullerton.edu
  3. Deadline to receiving all information is Wednesday January 27th, 2017, 11:59 PM
  4. If you have any questions, please call 657-278-4182 or email Adrienne Baily at adbailey@fullerton.edu.


The CSUF Center for Family Business will recognize four family businesses in Southern California who excel in the one of the following areas:

The Excellence in Community Award

This family business has demonstrated a long-term commitment to supporting, developing, and improving their community. Their company, family, and business relationships (customers and vendors) are deeply involved in the community, and this is a way of life, and not a project or event.

The Strength in Succession Award

This family business has seen continual growth for generations. Through down times, recessions, and economic downturns, they have figured out how to grow, build their business, and strengthen their organization, whether it is financial strength, market share, and/or stronger family ties and commitment to the organization. This family business must have been completely through a minimum of one successful leadership transition.

The Founder's Vision Award

This family business has protected and honored the vision of their founder, and the business and structure he or she established is very similar to the way the business is operated today. The founder could still be running the business, or involved in the day-to-day, or not.

The Commitment to Education Award

This family business continues to demonstrate a commitment to educating their family and their team. They also support education in their community, K-12, STEM, University, etc. Education is a core value and obvious driving force to this family business.