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Joey Beim

Like a lot of recent college grads, finding my way in the job market has been very challenging. I graduated from CSUF with a major in Entrepreneurship in 2011 and decided that joining a fast-growing, small company was the best choice for me. Yet, even getting interviews was hard.

One thing that was constantly drilled into me while studying Entrepreneurship was the importance of relationships and networking. I can recall the frequent lectures about connecting with new people and about reaching outside my comfort zone of college buddies. Well, for me, that was easy to say but hard to do.

I learned that networking also means staying in touch with your existing network and keeping top of mind with them. So, I decided to contact one of my former mentors from the program and see if his company, Eagle Graphics, had any open positions. I also figured that he might know about other companies looking to hire a college grad like me.

One quick voice message worked. He called me back and reported that he was mentoring a new account executive and that his partner was also looking for another account executive to hire and train. He invited me in for an interview. That week I interviewed and got the offer! All it took was the one phone call.

I'm learning a lot about selling and sales strategy in the print, promotion and apparel industry. It turns out that selling can be very entrepreneurial; I am literally running my own business. My hard work in the Entrepreneurship program was excellent preparation for a sales career.

I always thought I did not network enough in college, but I guess I did just enough.

Joey Beim, CSUF Entrepreneurship Graduate 2011

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