CBE Staff Core Values


Mission Statement


We seek to maintain an outstanding level of quality as the staff providing administrative support to administrators, faculty, students and colleagues of the Mihaylo College of Business and Economics at CSUF.


Specific objectives that express our commitment to these core values include the following:



        Support the mission and goals of the College

        Support and value our studentsí academic goals to allow them to achieve success

        Respond to staff and faculty requests for information in a conscientious manner.



        Be valuable team players,committed to cross-functional collaboration and communication

        Treat one another with dignity, respect and fairness.



        Strive for professional development and personal fulfillment in our jobs

        Seek to maintain a positive attitude in the workplace

        Be open-minded while upholding a high standard of problem-solving

        Conduct ourselves in a responsible, sincere, and respectful manner to instill a heightened sense of professionalism.



        Strive to explore new and better ways of doing things more efficiently

        Embrace change and diversity to create new opportunities for professional growth and advancement

        Provide an environment that nurtures growth and creativity

        Develop activities which support and recognize creativity and commitment.